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It must have been a sobering experience for an electronics giant like Sony to have spent so much time languishing among the "also rans" while your competitors romp ahead, particularly in such a burgeoning market as the mobile phone. While other tech markets seem to have stagnated or shrunk we've seen the mobile phone become the new standard barer and, from my point of view at least, it has been fascinating to see it follow a very similar evolution to that of the PC. We've seen processors move from single to dual to quad and now octa-core (kind of). we've seen a push for divergence and miniaturization followed by a complete reverse in direction with a "bigger is better" mentality and we've seen gaming performance blossom from blocky, pixelated time killers to fully immersive, graphics rich, console quality epics.

The Xperia Z is a very important handset for Sony. It looks and feels like the first of a new breed of handset free from the shackles of former bedfellows Ericsson. It's very much the premium part and, so far, the reviews have been extremely positive. It would appear that Sony at last have themselves a contender which, despite the usual foibles that accompany every Sony mobile phone release, may at last see them play with the big boys.
One of the big features that have garnered attention from press and public alike is the ip57 dust and water resistance. The Xperia Z can be dunked in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes and suffer no ill consequences as a result. This is assuming you have properly closed the various port covers of course. And if you haven't? well, the Z's innards are reportedly coated with some hydrophobic trickery but there's every chance you'll face a similar fate to that of someone dunking a regular, non water resistant phone.

The port covers on the "Z" actually have "O" rings around the edges so as to properly seal them against water and dust ingress. Naturally an initial worry is how long these ports will continue to seal properly.

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$299 3D printer achieves Kickstarter goal in minutes
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"An ultra-cheap 3D printer has hit its Kickstarter goal in just 11 minutes, with some lauding it as the first mass market version of the technology.

Makers M3D have currently raised over $1m (£597,000) well ahead of their $400,000 target with 28 days to go."

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Battery offers 30-second phone charging
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"A battery that can charge in under 30 seconds has been shown off at a technology conference in Tel Aviv.

Israeli start-up StoreDot displayed the device - made of biological structures - at Microsoft's Think Next Conference.

A Samsung S4 smartphone went from a dead battery to full power in 26 seconds in the demonstration."

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