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Graphics Cards Used In Tests

Sparkle SP6000 32Mb GeForce 256

Creative Labs 32Mb TNT2 Ultra

Test Bed Specifications

Celeron 366 @ 550

Abit BM6 Motherboard

128Mb PC100 SDRAM

Quantum Fireball ST 3.2 Gb Hard Drive

Quantum Fireball EX 6.4 Gb Hard Drive

Soundblaster AWE 64 Gold Soundcard

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

Asuscom Terminal Adapter

Network Interface Card

Software Used For Benchmarks

Quake 3 1.16N with Zico's Rail Mod

Windows 98 Second Edition

NVidia Detonator 5.13 Drivers

All the tests have been done on the system that I use for everything, I might not get the optimum framerates for the cards I have used but doing the testing this way I am more likely to get realistic results that you can duplicate at home because lets face it who runs Quake 3 on a clean install with nothing else on the machine ??? As you might notice the GeForce I have used is not a particularly well known brand so it will be interesting to see how it performs against a well known brand of TNT2U

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