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   Aurora Keyboard
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   9 October 2006
   Wayne Brooker

Class is the key.
I've never found it easy to get very excited about keyboards, perhaps because I'm your archetypal two finger typist rather than the 100 word per minute blurred fingers type of typist I'd like to be. Obviously if someone offered me a hand made solid cherry wood keyboard I'd take a shine to it but over a hundred plastic keys in a box on my desk just doesn't do it really, no matter how many fancy function keys or snap-on game-specific controls it comes with. The fact is, I can create typos just fine on a 10 keyboard and feel no desire to make the same ones on a 100 keyboard thanks all the same.

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Despite my obvious lack of enthusiasm for keyboards I'm reviewing one today that I actually rather like. No, it's not the hand crafted cherry wood keyboard I mentioned in jest (or was that longing?), but it's not your typical plastic, function stuffed nerve centre either. It's simple, stylish, built like a Volvo and comes from a company you'd not expect to be selling keyboards....Enermax.

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The Aurora is a low profile black anodised aluminium keyboard with a very fine brushed finish. At 1.kg this is no lightweight portable unit, it's designed to stay on your desk and look good...and it does. A silver, base finish model is also available and goes by the name "Crystal".

Brushed aluminum design
Massive aluminum frame with diamond-cut edges
Ultra-flat profile
Zero-degree tilt
Instant connection via USB
Heavy duty components
Keys with leading responsive scissors technology
Audio I/O
Rubber stand
10 million plus keystroke lifetime
Windows & Mac support
Timeless design
Blue LED indicator

Interface - @USB
Audio I/O AC97
Power source - USB +5V
Weight - 1300g
Dimensions - L455xW172.5xH25 mm
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