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Enemy Territory Quake Wars is a game that takes the intense and fast paced action game play of Battlefield, and then ties that into the story line of quake, twisting and tweaking the game play along the way to create an attractive and extremely well designed game that will be a hit to both veterans and beginners to this genre. The concept that it uses to produce the game play isn’t that new having already been done by such titles as battlefield and holding strong relation to call of duty’s multiplayer. Battlefield being a more popular title and call of duty having a single player mode, it seems like there are other titles with more to offer than Enemy territory. BUT! ETQW has more than enough to offer for those fans of this genre.

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Quake veterans will have a fair idea of what the story line is about, but even if you’ve never heard of the title it is irrelevant in such a game where your only aim is to kill the enemy and win the round. Although it is not quite as simple as that, along the way you’ll complete objectives assigned, adding a little depth and interest into an otherwise 1 track game. This is a good feature but it can be a little passive when you first start the game.

When you first begin you are thrown straight into the fray, with as little or as much experience as you choose. There is a single player mode that allows you to practice and get used to the controls, but this mode is rather restrained and would not be recommendable to anyone intending to use the game only as a single player. No campaign or distinction makes it an extremely dull single player experience. Although, in the multiplayer the game more than makes up for this poor side.

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At first you will be alone against thousands of other users. This stage alone is the main deterrent of anyone new to the genre. I could not find any feature that allowed beginners to battle against each other, and if there is a feature present it is not obvious and by no means easy. Having said that given a few hours of playing and familiarising, the game begins to open its shell a little. Making friends and socialising playing a large part in your overall aim of becoming the best on the net. Having a handful of friends can be an endless source of entertainment, allowing you to conduct the missions in a team such as a real life squad, or allowing each of you to run and gun as you desire, although I heavily recommend the team approach.

As you play more and more games you will find yourself climbing through the ranks and making a name for yourself on the online community earning rewards and medals as you go along. Promotions within the game are an interesting feature that allows you to access new types of weapons such as scoped rifles for infantrymen, and earning yourself ranks adds a nice touch to a well rounded and nicely balanced system. Numerous features that make such a well balanced title are present throughout the system, such features as fire teams litter the game with depth giving you a deep experience to immerse yourself in.

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The graphics are visually stunning, each texture is done to great detail providing an extremely rewarding experience and satisfying even the highest of standards. Pushing the ability of most PCs the graphics can be a slight killer for a lot of people, having said that, the game is still visually attractive in the lowest graphic settings, only lacking the sharpness but still possessing the attractive scenes that make the experience so balanced. Equally as pleasing is the good sound that gives the war the added power to suck you in even further.

Fighting on foot within the streets across the desserts and through the snowy mountains will be your most used form of combat, but equally as useful are the wide variety of vehicles available to both factions. Tanks, APCs, Light vehicles and quad bikes will all be at your disposal with added boats and aircraft to suit any style of play. Both sets of vehicles are well balanced between both of the teams giving the game a good feel and stability about it. Although a well put together fire team would be more than a match to take out one of the giant Cyclops’ heavy walker which have proved to be such a formidable weapon when not prepared for. This being one of the keys to an enjoyable and fresh experience. All these vehicles along with the use of deployable sites make the game more that just a FPS, in many ways the game can be what you want it to be, and in such a competitive environment this is a priceless quality that distinguishes it from many other titles. Anti-tank turrets and a wide variety of other stations give you all the aid you need to get the job done.

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With a huge online environment and one that I’m sure can only grow, Enemy Territory Quake Wars is a whole new world to be explored. The entire package played to its depth and used to its strengths leaves you with one inevitable feeling, and that is a great sense of satisfaction, great graphics large maps and all kinds of weapons at your disposal gives you a game you can be satisfied with, and a game that feels well worth its value.

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Having played it for several weeks and analysed every angle it is definitely one that I could recommend easily to fans, veterans and beginners to this style of game play. Leaving me feeling satisfied and pleased with the overall experience I can’t help but go back for more every time, and for this reason alone I would recommend Enemy Territory Quake Wars to anyone who asked about it.

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