3DMark05 First Look

Written By : Jeff Nettleton and Trevor Haag
September 2004


Installation is pretty straight forward and easy.
The interface looks similar to 3DMark03, a few new buttons and of course new game tests.
There are several benchmarks you can use, three game tests, two CPU tests and the usual feature tests such as fill rate, pixel and vertex tests.
New are the batch size tests.
The batch size tests render a very simple scene, un-optimized, batch sizes ranging from 8 triangles to 32768 triangles.

Game Tests:::…

Return to Proxycon
This is the sequel to the test in 3DMark03 where a space battle took place.
One force was trying to keep the other force from taking over the spaceship.
In this test a cargo ship is under attack by space pirates, they breach the ship and board it with a lot of firepower.
The test shows the boarding and fire fight between the two forces.


The test here resembles many shooter games, which are mostly indoors.
It takes place in a big cargo bay with lots of characters fighting, making it look like a multi player shooter game.

Firefly Forest

This is about a forest filled with fire flies (go figure!).
Set against a nightl-time backdrop with a full moon, the fire fly dances around the forest.
The full moon and the green flickering light from the moving fire fly make lights it with a magical glow.

It's a small scale outdoor test, with trees and branches swaying to the wind and dense vegetation on the ground.
With the dancing fire fly the amazing lighting and shadow system is shown off.

Canyon Flight
A nice scene showing the flight of a Jules Verne type airship through a canyon.
The canyon is filled with water beneath which a huge sea monster lurks.
The members of the ship are confronted by the sea monster as it rises up and they are forces to defend their craft with cannon fire.
Eventually they have to flee and resort to a sort of afterburner to keep out of reach of the monster.

This tests the large outdoor scene, a complex scene with large areas of reflective water.
According to the whitepaper, the rock surface of the canyon walls is one of the heavier materials.
It fills up the PS2.0 almost to the last instruction when combined with dynamic shadow rendering.

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