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Classes - Marine and Sniper
On the following pages you can see the classes that are included in the alpha test (currently at version 0.80). It's most likely that these classes will remain the same when the public beta test is released on Saturday May 20th.

The Marine

The Marine with Rocket Launcher The Marine is probably the easiest class to learn but like the other classes, is hard to master. The Marine is a specific all-round class. He can play defence, midfield or offensive positions with equal ease, although midfield positions are usually omitted in public games. The Marine is perhaps the most important class in the game due to his versatility. The Marine carries the following weapons and has the following abilities:

Gauntlet: It's the same as the default Q3 gauntlet except for its reduced damage. Only used when you have run out of ammo. All the classes have this weapon.
Shotgun: Simply used as a backup weapons for when all other weapons run out of ammo. Exactly the same as the default Q3 one. All classes have this weapon.
Rocket Launcher: This is the weapon you will see the Marine using most. It's a standard Q3 Rocket Launcher with the same effects. The best way to use the weapon is to fire at the ground in front of the target and get them with the splash damage.
The Marine with Hyperblaster on Bulownian Fortresses Hyper Blaster: A legacy of Q2WF, the Hyper Blaster now fires laser blasts at very high speeds, in fact it is almost an instant hit weapon like the rail gun. It's primary use is for long range shots or for taking out flying recons due to the Rocket Launcher being too easy to dodge in the air or at long range. The colour of the laser blasts can be changed in exactly the same way as the rail gun.

In addition to his four main weapons the Marine also carries three types of grenade:

Hand Grenade: Normal grenades from Q3 but thrown by hand over a short distance and with a 3 second timer unless someone or something comes into contact with it.
Proximity Grenades: These grenades are thrown by hand and will sit there until an enemy comes close to them, at which point they explode doing a large amount of splash damage. Very useful for setting traps or for dumping around your flag so an enemy will either die or lose a lot of health in the process of stealing your flag, which makes your job of getting the flag back easier. You can only have four of these active at once
Turret Grenades and Proximity Grenades on 2fort2001 Turret Grenades: These grenades are, again, thrown by hand but once thrown they move upward and hover in the air a few feet above head height. When an enemy approaches they will shoot out a rail gun shot at them. These grenades can easily do quite a bit of damage to the unwary. They fire three shots before falling to the ground and exploding. They can be useful in defence, midfield positions and if your especially cheeky you can chuck a couple around in the enemy base. They can be killed if shot and are thus best placed away from walls due to the risk from splash damage. It's also advisable to place them where an enemy will be running straight towards them, in a long corridor for example. You can only have two active at any one time.

The Marine also has the following abilities:

Grapple: The Grapple is effectively a long rope with a spike on the end. It can be fired out and will grab onto anything in its path. It will then imeadiently begin pulling you towards where it hit. It allows classes that posses it to move around the maps with little hindrance and adds ways in and out of enemy bases. Most importantly the Grapple is 'offhand' which means that you don't actually need to select it as a weapon and you can thus fire another weapon whilst using the grapple.
Decoy: All classes have the ability to create a decoy of them selves. It is a hologram projection of exactly what they looked like at the time of creation. It's primary use is to distract the enemy giving you that much needed time to either escape or assault the enemy from another direction. Its was most used in Q2WF during sniper fights.

The Sniper

The Sniper with Sniper Rifle The Sniper is the ultimate long-range fighter and rather appropriately carries one of the most powerful long-range weapons in the whole game. The sniper carries an average amount of armour and moves fairly fast. However when carrying the sniper rifle his speed is halfed. I believe this to be a mistake, the sniper should still move normally, but this is an alpha test so due to pressure from players I hope this will be changed for beta/final versions. The Sniper carries the following weapons:

Gauntlet: See the description of the Gauntlet in the Marine section.
Shotgun: See the description of the Shotgun in the Marine section.
Sniper Rifle: The Sniper Rifle is certainly one of the most powerful weapons in the whole game. It has the ability to kill in one shot if targeted on the head regardless of how much armour they have. It can also do serious damage for body shots and can cripple an enemy's movement if targeted on their legs. The rifle is different from Q2WF's one. Instead of having to charge up the rifles power its is now instant shot. Also to zoom you will need to have a separate zoom key. The sniper Rifle does not have a laser dot like TFC's and Q3F's, simply because it does not need it.
Rail gun: This is the Sniper's backup weapon for when he has run out of ammunition for his rifle. It is exactly the same as the normal Q3 Rail gun.

The Sniper also carries Hand Grenades and can use the Grapple and Decoys. See the Marine section for details on these.
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