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NEC Japan introduces "LaVie U" all-in-one Notebook with 700MHz Mobile Duron AMD Processor

TOKYO, JAPAN-January 15, 2001 AMD today announced the immediate availability of the Mobile AMD Duron(tm) processor for notebook PCs. The Mobile AMD Duron processor is the first seventh-generation processor to enter the notebook market, and is available in volume today at speed grades of 700 and 600MHz. "AMD has had tremendous success with the Mobile AMD-K6> family of processors, and plans to build on that success with a new family of seventh-generation mobile products in 2001," said Pat Moorhead, Vice President of Marketing at AMD's Computation Products Group. "The Mobile AMD Duron processor allows us to offer our customers a great solution by providing compelling performance and excellent value for notebook computing," he said.

NEC has announced that its "LaVie U" series of notebook PCs will use the 700MHz Mobile AMD Duron processor. Designed for consumers, the notebooks will include a 14" or 13" TFT display (XGA) and a 20GB hard drive. The lineup will feature three models, including a model equipped with a fast 8X CD-R/RW drive and one with a DVD-ROM drive that can be connected to a home TV to watch DVD video. All models are scheduled to begin shipping January 25. "AMD is excited that NEC Japan is using the Mobile AMD Duron processor to power its new LaVie U notebooks," said Moorhead. "Japan is extremely important to AMD's success," he said, noting that Japan is the second largest notebook PC market in the world. "In the first half of 2001, we expect to see seventh-generation notebook systems become available in other markets and from additional manufacturers," said Moorhead.

AMD was the first to bring technologies such as a 100MHz front side bus and 3D instruction set extensions to the notebook market with its award-winning AMD-K6 family of processors. AMD is taking the lead again by bringing capabilities such as a 200MHz front side bus and a superscalar floating-point unit to the x86 PC notebook market, allowing the Mobile AMD Duron processor to offer great multimedia application performance. Based on the current AMD Duron processor core, the Mobile AMD Duron processor runs at a lower core voltage than the desktop version, and consumes less power. The Mobile AMD Duron processor is the first in the line of seventh-generation mobile processors that AMD plans to introduce in 2001.


The 700MHz and 600MHz Mobile AMD Duron processors are priced at $123and $75 respectively, each in 1,000-unit quantities.


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