Windows Media Center Edition 2005

Written By : Ulukai
October 2004


Recently Microsoft has released a new version of Windows, dubbed Windows Media Center Edition.
This version is targeted to be the home entertainment center, (when it's installed on the right device) the all-in-one device to replace your VCR, TV, DVD player and HIFI set.
Microsoft has been quite busy lately with releasing service packs, new media players and now a new Windows.
Right now this version is available with new computers or from MSDN. I downloaded this version from MSDN and took a look at what's new.

Windows MCE 2005 covers 2 CD's. When you look at the contents of the CD's, the first CD looks like a normal Windows XP CD, the second has extra components for Windows, the media center, a plus pack and Sonic burn software.


I've used a virtual machine to install Windows and the installation is exactly like a normal Windows XP pro installation, even down to the looks.
Windows does install a whole bunch of extra drivers for support of MP3 players and tuners, this is logical to increase compatibility with a wide range of tuner card and MP3 players.
This also explains part of why this Windows is spread over 2 CD's, along with the accompanying Media Center.



During installation you switch from disc 1 to disc 2 and strangely enough back to disc 1 again, not very efficient.
The whole installation process is pretty much straight forward, if you already installed Windows once, you shouldn't have any problems with this version.

The first boot sequence is unchanged, except that after asking if you want to automatically update it will ask you to activate and setup your internet connection.

Activation is increased to 60 days, instead of the normal 30 days.
After setting up the internet connection and handling the activation and the usual user setup, Windows boots normally.

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