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December 2004

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Under £50

Mercury Elite Case
Mercury Elite Case - From DOS Computers
£28.98 inc. VAT 3DV Rating 80%

You don't expect to get a lot of case for under £30, but the Mercury Elite is an exception to the rule.

With its integrated carrying handle. front USB and audio ports, curvy styling,grey/blue and cream colour scheme and integrated power supply, the Elite is surprisingly good value for money.

It won't stand scrutiny alongside the top-dollar prestige cases with £100 plus price tage, but for those who want the "cheap" without the "nasty" this is a great case.


Defy Gravity
The Levitron From TheGadgetStore
£29.95 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
What do you buy the person who seems to have everything? The sensational Levitron® Omega™ This astounding anti-gravity top has been called the 'best new science toy in a generation' by members of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Spin the top and watch in jaw-dropping wonder as it floats in the air. The Levitron® Omega™ spins and surfs on magnetic waves! Pass your hand above, underneath, and around the top and it will continue to spin and float only touching air!

Looking like it's come straight out of Star Trek, this miraculous gadget is real rather than just a clever special effect! Watch it soar.

Old School Gaming
Intellivision 25 - From Innovations
£29.99 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

'25 classic video games for just £29.99.'
Remember the halcyon days of video gaming before serious computing got involved? When you just plugged into the TV and played those relatively simple but engrossing games for hours on end? Revisit that innocent era with the Intellivision console. Each unit is a complete video game system, built into a hand controller with thumb stick and joypad. Plug into the A/V input on your TV and you're ready to go. 25 game selection includes AstroSmash (a top Space Invaders clone), Pinball, Tower of Doom, Buzz Bombers, Space Hawk, Football, Motocross and many more. Requires 4 x AA batteries, not included. For ages 5 to adult.

Sun! What Sun?
Solar Panel From Innovations
£10.00-35.00 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
Harness the power of the sun with this incredibly efficient pocket-size solar panel. Once its internal power pack is charged, the panel can be used day and night to run/charge all sorts of handheld devices. Framed in durable anodised aluminium, the panel also charges under any sort of light, including artificial. Panel comes with a USB output socket; simply choose a connection kit from the following:

Mobile Phone: retractable USB cable with Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Samsung adaptors.
GameBoy: retractable USB cable, in-car charger, retractable earphones, Y-splitter (to charge game and listen via earphones at same time).
Please Note: Choose either the Mobile Phone Connection Kit or the Game Boy Connection Kit in order to use the solar panel.

Trip The Light Fantastic!
Laser One - GadgetsUK
£29.99 inc. (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

Professional laser light show at home!

Just turn it on and watch the spectacular array of light designs form right before your eyes! Laser one is packed with features- battery or Ac power operation, dual pattern controls - manual or auto. Laser one even includes a microphone pickup with sound response control as well as direct audio input jack, allowing Laser One to interact with your music!

I wonder how this would look firing from your PC case?


Virtual Reality
The Mirage From GadgetsUK
£24.95 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
Instant 3-D hologram maker. The Mirage displays realistic 3-D holograms you can see but cannot touch!
It has no batteries lights knobs or dials. It's silent and deceptively simple. By placing a small object into the Mirage in a flash the object appears to leap then float above the mirrored circle. But reach to pick the item up and your fingers go right through it, even the camera is fooled.

On a desk, a table or in your hands Mirage should become one of the most compelling attention getting conversation pieces you'll ever own. Or give.


Park It Safely
Garage Parking Sensor - Dr Gadget
£29.99 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

No more dents and scratches when parking in confined spaces with this easy to use traffic light sensor set. It really is the perfect gadget for novice and experienced drivers everywhere. Just be careful how you answer the questions about your rather unsubtle hint if you give this to your other half as a gift!
The gizmo has clear visual signals for safe parking in a garage with the universally recognisable red, amber and green. Simply attach the unit to the garage wall. An ultrasonic sensor detects distance between your bumper and the wall and the results are displayed on the panel.


• Visual signals for safe parking in garage
• Big LED display panel
• LED indicator to show the distance range from the garage wall
• Universal green, amber and red signals
• Use 3 x AA batteries (not included)


Wired For Sound
Sound Feeder Transmitter - From Advanced MP3 Players
£35.00 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
Arkon's Soundfeeder allows you to transmit your music! Plug in your MP3 or portable audio player to the Soundfeeder and it will broadcast to your car's FM radio in STEREO! The electronics of the SF250 are based on Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesized circuitry. This technology allows you to tune in to a specific frequency, a definite advantage as you'll not have to deal with "electronic drift." The stability and performance of this device make the SF250 the perfect solution for nearly all of your portable audio adapting needs.

Simply plug the audio cord on the SoundFeeder into the headphone jack of your portable audio player. Then tune your radio to any of the 8 digitally tuned FM stations supported by this device. These include 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88,7, 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7Mhz. Many competing products only offer 4 digitally tuned frequencies to choose from. The SoundFeeder SF250 has 8 thereby giving you twice as many chances of being able to find a blank station in your area. Battery life is equally as impressive, so expect about 40 hours of transmitting time before needing to refresh them!


Get a Sharp Memory
Swiss Army Knife/Flash Drive - Grovelands
£49.99 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

Available with a memory capacity of 64MB, the SWISSMEMORY® USB enables the storage of data of any kind – business cards, family or business project, photos, mp3 audio files, video files and presentations – and can be used with any USB* connection. LED lights signal if the memory is currently being written to or read from.

Equipped with flash technology, the memory is independent from your computer’s hard drive and the data remains permanently in the memory, but it is possible to delete or enter data as desired and equipped with real gold plated contacts it insures outstanding dataflow.

SWISSMEMORY® USB is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and is recognised as an external memory medium.

It is also possible to detach the USB part from the main body to facilitate data exchange, to upgrade the device to another capacity or as a security measure while travelling by plane.


Shine A Light!
Indium - From Angusnoble
£49.99 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
The Indium is a high powered rechargeable LED light source

We use mobile phone Lithium-ion battery technology and the latest high intensity LED’s to produce one of the smallest and most powerful rechargeable light sources available.

The Indium is unique in being controlled by a touch sensitive switch that uses the natural conductivity if the skin to switch the light between full power, half power and strobe mode. By using this type of switch the Indium has no moving parts. This makes for complete reliability, as there are no contacts to wear out or corrode.

The Indium casing is machined from solid Aluminium bar stock on computer controlled machines. This gives the Indium case precision and quality. After machining, the cases are anodized in a range of brilliant colours. Anodizing is where the surface layer of the aluminium is oxidized and then colour dyed. This dye then becomes part of the aluminium surface.


Small is Beautiful
Trekker Portable Microscope - Looksmall
£49.99 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
It may be fun to use, but the the new Trekker microscope is also a serious tool developed to meet the demand for an inexpensive, high-quality, truly portable microscope with a magnification suited to a huge range of field uses. The magnification of x35 was selected following discussions with schools, botanists, entomologists and a host of other amateur and professional users who require a light, easy to use, microscope for the field, schoolroom and laboratory.

Trekker can view transparent, solid and water borne objects. The high light-gathering power of the large objective lens allows transparent and semi-transparent objects to be viewed using available (incident) light, while for solid objects the internal (reflected) lighting system is used. Focusing is achieved using a precision thumb-wheel on the underside and the optical design gives good depth of field and a focus range which extends from the stage to 17mm above - an extremely useful feature when viewing irregularly shaped objects like insects or geological samples. The removable eyepiece also provides a useful x10 hand lens.


See Stars This Christmas
Star Theater - From BoysStuff
£29.95 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
Create a 360 degree planetarium in your own bedroom with the Star Theatre – the interactive space world. Now you can sleep under the stars without freezing to death.
The Star Theatre is an innovative light-up gadget, featuring a clear sphere decorated with images of hundreds of stars and constellations. When the light is turned on, the images are projected onto your ceiling and walls, turning a darkened room into a 360 degree planetarium.

This unusual toy projects images of the night sky with each constellation named, and the outline of the sky accurate for the time of year. How? Through a built-in compass and date dial, which allow you to adjust the angle and create a realistic image. This is also a good way of achieving the clearer images, depending of the size and shape of your room.


Wired For Sound
Soundbug - Paramount Zone
£24.95 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
The soundbug is a small device that can turn pretty much any flat surface into a soundboard/speaker.

The sound quality achieved by the Soundbug is impressive, especially when the device is attached to a thick piece of dense material, like a wall or desk. It's even possible to "daisy chain" two Soundbugs together to achieve stereo sound, even when both are stuck to the same surface!!

It's about the same size as a computer mouse, so is ideal when you need sound on the move.

Main Features:

Listen to music without speakers or headphones
Play your favourite music wherever you want
Creates a sounding board out of any surface you attach it to
Attaches to any glossy, hard surface (windows, tables etc)
Connects to personal stereos, mini-disc, CD or MP3 players, handheld games, camcorders or laptops using a 3.5mm jack
Connect 2 Soundbugs together for full stereo sound
Up to 75 decibels for a single Soundbug
Power sleep circuit
Pocket size: 95mm x 50mm x 35mm
Weight: 180g including batteries
Comes supplied with 3 x AAA batteries


I Don't Believe It!
Executive Truth Machine
- From
Paramount Zone
£29.95 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
Next time you're not sure if someone is telling the truth, get this little gadget out and find out for sure. For many years scientists tried to innovate a successful lie detector, American researchers eventually developing the psychological stress evaluator (PSE) and the voice stress analyser (VSA).

Both these two inventions are used in the technological make up of the Truth Machine, which by picking up micro tremors in the voice not detectable to the human ear, and measuring the amplitude of the upper and lower sidebands of the frequency spectrum of the voice, detects stress.

The input is analysed, and results shown visually in a column of LED lights, indicating green for truth and red for lying. If the LED illumination reaches the top, someone if telling a real big porky pie.

The Machine is not 100% accurate all the time and no responsibility is taken for marriage break-ups etc....


Animal Magnetism
Soundbug - TiggyPig
£24.99 inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

This is just SO addictive, it's untrue.

Build towers, spheres, pyramids, cubes, whatever you like with this amazing 90 piece magnetic construction set. Contains 54 bars and 36 balls. And you can just keep adding and adding to it.


A Classy Pad
Steelpad 4D - From Steel
€19.95 inc VAT - 3DV Rating 70%
The 4D is a two sided plastic pad designed for both optical and ball mice. It comes with their own "padsurfers" which are essentially strips of Teflon tale that cover the feet of your mouse allowing it to glide smoothly across the surface. Also included is a custom cut sheet of tacky rubber to lay underneath that keeps the pad in place. See our full review here. At $24.95 or 19.95 Euros, this pad won't empty Santa's pocketbook either.


A Mobile Pad
QcK Mouse Pad - Steel
€9.99inc. VAT (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)

The QcK is a foam backed pad with a cloth surface that resembles the freebies that come as promotions all the time. However, this one has been designed by the engineers at Steel for optimal tracking and smoothness.


A Huge Pad
QcK+ Mouse Pad- From Steel
€14.95 inc VAT - (Not Reviewed By 3DVelocity)
The QcK+ from Steel, we have what I think has got to be the largest mousing surface I have ever seen. Look at it with my MS IntelliMouse sitting on it. Gamers and graphic designers will go nuts for the added surface, just make sure that you have the available real estate on your desktop as this one measures a whopping 17.7" x 15.7" (450mm x x 400mm for you metric users).


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