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AcoustiPack Giveaway

Author : Shawn Date : July 3, 2003



Are you tired of that PC of yours making too much noise? Well, if you read my PC silencing article, you know that I offered up a few ideas to help quiet things down a bit. Well, we wanted to take that one step further and offer up some of that AcoustiPack sound dampening case liner that I mentioned to get you started. All you have to do is send an email to and let us know how many sheets of acoustipack come in the Acoustipack Standard set.

(answers can be found here.)

Just email your answer by 11:59 pm EST,Friday, July 11th (my birthday!) to: and one lucky winner will be chosen at random from the qualified entries.

Please, only enter once, multiple entries will get you disqualified... no exceptions!
3D Velocity has the final say on winner selection and staff of 3D Velocity and their families are not eligible to win.

Prize will be shipped directly from, and neither, nor are responsible for any damage during transit.

So, go find that answer and get your entries in... good luck from 3D Velocity and QuietPC.

Prize furnished by Quiet PC, thanks Dave!

Quiet PC



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