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18thMay 2005
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The second case I'll be looking at from the guys over at AOne Distribution is a very different beast to the COLORS-it media-based chassis I reviewed yesterday.

Manufactured by HEC Group, Compucase Enterprise Company Ltd, a company which started life as Wei Shun Enterprises way back in '91, COMPUCASE are huge suppliers to the OEM sector as well as supplying under their own brand name.

Despite their Taiwanese roots, there's a definite western flavour to many of COMPUCASE's chassis, and it certainly makes you wonder about the make-up of their design team.

Though there are several high-end cases in their portfolio, COMPUCASE are perhaps best known for their value-for-money cases, and though it's a personal thing I have to admit to a fondness for many of their case designs at this price point.

Today's candidate is another case sorely in need of a name rather than a model number, is the 6C29-BUF. Having a name rather than a number may seem like a trivial thing but have you heard of a WaveMaster? If so have you heard of a TAC-T01? Probably not, but a TAC-T01 is a WaveMaster, it's just that nobody knows it by its model number. Therefor I'm unofficially naming this case the "Artisan" as a protest. Why? Because I can ;)

Anyway, getting back on track, let's do the specs:

Key Features:

  • Prescott Compliant side panel
  • Full size ATX M/B application to meet Intel P4 & AMD K7 Design
  • Tool-free or one-side-screwed design for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • Keylock and latch on side cover for security
  • USB and Audio in front panel


    Chassis Type :
    Side Lockable ATX Midi Tower
    Prescott Compliant side panel
    Drive Bay-5.25" :
    3 Open, Top Bay Reserved for Control Set
    Drive Bay-3.5" :
    2 Open, 4 Hidden
    Motherboards :
    ATX / Micro ATX
    PSU :
    Dimensions (mm):
    (L x W x H)
    450 x 190 x 410
    Cooling Fans :
    Optional - 8/9cm fan in the front or backplane
    External Ports :
    2 x USB, Audio ports
    (Headphones and Mic)
    Weight :
    5.6kg NET, 6.6kg Gross
    Other Features :
  • Expansion Slots: 7 Slots
  • Housing Material: 0.6mm Thickness
  • Construction :
    0.6mm steel

  • One thing I need to draw your attention to is the "Prescott Compliant side panel" statement. What exactly is a "Prescott Compliant side panel "?

    I'll not go into the minutia, you know what control-freaks Intel can be, so instead here's a quick graphical summary direct from Intel's info sheet.


    One thing to keep in mimd is that in order to comply to these specs, not only must you have a compliant case, you must also have the fan on your CPU drawing air in from the top and exhausting it downwards towards the CPU.


    Let's dive in and grab a look at the case itself:



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