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Compucase 6C29 BUF Case

PC Case
18thMay 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

Okay so it's a brown cardboard box of the variety I usually loath, but at least this one has a picture on it, albeit not a very flattering one. Inside everything was snugly seated in polystyrene slabs.

The Box


Once outside of the box I was instantly impressed with the very simple yet undoubtedly stylish design. It may not be to everyone's liking, particularly if you're still in the middle of a "bright coloured angled plastic" phase, but there's an undoubted elegance to the design that makes it look more expensive than it is.

The lower silver trim was protected with a strip of masking tape which I presume was more to do with protecting it during assembly and packing than during shipping, but it shows they take care with such things.

The grill on the rear of the case is well done and should allow for ample airflow.

Front View
Rear View


From the side we get the first glimpse of the "Prescott Compliant" side panel. The vents are very open in design and should allow plenty of air in. Your typical "no win" situation here means of course that they'll also let lots of dust in too.

The side panel is very plain but this is in keeping with the whole ethos of the case.

Side View


The silver power button is placed centrally and below it are the power and HDD activity LEDs.

Below the LEDs is an "up and over" style front connector door behind which lurks a pair of USB connectors, a headphone and mic jack and an unused Firewire blank. The lack of a Firewire port is a real shame and would have added greatly to the appeal of the case.

The front panel is made in a matt black plastic with a silver plastic trim.

I have only one gripe so far, where's the reset button?

Power Switch - Front Connectors


Behind the front fascia there's another very open vent waiting to receive an additional 80mm or 90mm fan. The air isn't filtered at any stage using this case. It's picky I know but because of the way the fascia kicks up at the bottom it would have been a neat touch if the connectors were angled up slightly too.

Front View - Fascia Removed



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