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20thMay 2005
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Today I want to tackle the final case in the series of four that were shipped over by the guys at AOne Distribution.

The 6K31 differs from the previous three cases I've looked at in that it was designed with HTPC users and the Micro-ATX form factor in mind. Like the 6C series of cases, the styling is simple, sleek and elegant, and though it's perhaps a touch on the large side for some people's tastes, there's a growing number of people who are beginning to see limitations in the current range of super-compact cases when it comes to adding, and more importantly cooling, high-end gaming hardware required if they're to use their HTPC as a fully fledged gaming system too. Perhaps we need a new case category, HEPC (Home Entertainment PC) that encompasses both home theater, multimedia and also gaming.

The 6K31 is manufactured by HEC Group, COMPUCASE Enterprise Company Ltd, a company which started life as Wei Shun Enterprises way back in '91, COMPUCASE are huge suppliers to the OEM sector as well as supplying under their own brand name. Interestingly I couldn't find this case listed on the COMPUCASE website so it's either too new or it's too old.

As always, the specs:


  • Micro ATX M/B application to meet Intel P4 & AMD K7 design
  • Air guide or fan duct for excellent heat dissipation
  • Tool-Free kits for add-on card for easy assembling
  • Excellent EMI protection design
  • Easy to Open side cover
  • One-side-screwed design for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • 8/9 cm fan in the backplane for great heat dissipation
  • USB,Audio, in front panel
  • Chassis intrusion detector switch


  • Model - 6K31
  • Housing Material - 0.8 mm Thickness
  • Housing Type - Midi Tower
  • Form Factor - Micro ATX
  • Drive Space (Ext/Int)
    5.25" - 4/0 Drives
  • 3.5" 2/1 Drives
  • Expansion Slots - 7 Slots


  • W: 180 mm
  • H: 375 mm
  • D: 390 mm



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