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PC Case
20thMay 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

Like the 6C series, the box is a no-nonsense brown cardboard affair, though also like the 6C's it does at least feature a graphical representation of the case inside. It's not a great way to sell your cases, particularly as the drawing is very stylized with arty red flashes on it which bare no resemblance to what you get, but I suppose COMPUCASE work on the premise that you've either seen pictures of the case online or that the retailer has one on display somewhere.

The Box


First impressions on coaxing the case out of its polystyrene bondage was that COMPUCASE have designed and built another very classy chassis. The silver and black front fascia curves very gently, as do both the top and bottom edges making for a very soft and very elegant look.

The back of the case sports a very nicely formed vent for the rear 80mm or 90mm fan. Only four expansion slots are on offer though for the intended micro-ATX motherboard this is ample. Thumbscrews are used to retain the left-hand side panel though rather annoyingly, the right-had panel id riveted in place which could make it harder to "stealth" your wires and cables, that is, to route them in crevices and behind panels to keep the interior tidy and keep air flowing freely.

As you can no doubt see, the case comes equipped with a power supply.

Front View
Rear View


From the side you can see how the top and bottom edges of the front fascia re rounded, you also get the first clue that COMPUCASE have once again opted to run with the thermally efficient Prescott compliant side panel design. I doubt there's much you could put in this case in terms of components that it couldn't deal with thermally at least.

Side View


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