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   AMD Athlon 64 FX-51

Product :

AMD Athlon 64 FX-51

Manufacturer :

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Reviewed by :

Martin Finbow

Price :


Date :

September 23 2003


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The world of computing is reaching a new era. While it was expected to come sooner or later, the future of work, rest and play sitting in front of a screen is upon us.
Start to say goodbye to your 32-bit world, we are going 64-bit baby!


The battle between the major CPU rivals has been an interesting one. AMD first to show off the true power of 1000Mhz then Intel moving on up with their high Mhz beating anything out there by numbers but not always by performance. Now though, the revolution of computing as we know it has finally reached its new day. Be prepared to experience a power that you have never experienced before! Its the PC being launched all over again -it really is that exciting!

Is there a need to go 64-bit?

The average Joe understands that a higher number of bits means better performance. Take Consoles for a typical example; the companies brag at their 8/16/32/64/128 bit products available saying they can do so much more for your games compared to their older counterparts - but why? Surely a faster graphics chip and faster data transfers are all that is needed to improve systems? While that could be the case to give you amazing looking images, it would only help so far and not put you in the realistic world. Handling a higher number of bits can supply more than just a few more FPS on screen, it fundamentally alters how data is handled internally and, more importantly, how efficiently it can be moved around. By nature of the 64 bit daya paths you are looking at a more intelligent processor which, for example, can calculate far more quickly how an object would really be effected if it was shot by a pistol. You wouldnt have to have a programmed, static blast indent in a wall waiting to be hit in the right spot to give the effect. The processor would work out the angle, the distance and how much damage an item would realistically take taking real-time effects and physics to another plateau
64-bit will revolutionise the way we experience games as a whole. The majority of games supply static visual effects which are programmed as is. While it may look fairly realistic at the time, it isnt realistic. 64-bit breaks through the wall of static programabilty and opens the world of dynamic programming. Imagine the famous drinks advert with the polar bears working in real time on your home machine, watching the fur interact with the surrounding environment like small gusts of winds - this is only the start of the dynamic world you will start to experience. 64-bit is the home of virtual worlds with visually stunning graphics, advanced AI and realistic simulation.

"With AMD64 on our development servers as well as users' desktops, gamers will be able to literally count the beads of sweat on the foreheads of their opponents. 64-bit computing simply means a level of realism that, until now, has existed only in the real world."
-Tim Sweeney, founder and president of Epic Games, maker of the popular Unreal Tornament

OK gaming aside for a bit, what more is on offer from going 64-bit? Are you a digital enthusiast? Either an amatuer video editor or a music editor wanting more power to give that Hollywood style or you could maybe be a professional who wants as much power to get your job done quicker? With 64-bit in your hands, you will be able to edit video and photos faster than real-time, create virtual worlds and designs, design electronics/software/structures all from the comfort of your home without having to journey into work for their Super Computers....afterall, you now have one under your desk!

"Over the past few years, Microsoft has enhanced end-user experiences by adding technological features that extend the life of the 32-bit system. We need to migrate to 64-bit computing to continue adding new functionality that will attract a new market of users to our solutions. The 64-bit capabilities of the next generation of PC processors will create entirely new opportunities for users of Microsoft technology to enjoy outstanding performance and productivity in their offices, their homes, and on the road."
- Brian Valentine, senior vice president of the Windows Division at Microsoft



Going from one platform to another is a daunting task, especially if you are in a business. While new technology is a must for the enthusiast and for businesses to keep up with the world, it can be an expensive process to buy your shiny new hardware, setting it all up then wondering where you are going to get the extra cash for 64-bit software to see the system in action!!
You want to be able to migrate your systems with ease, hassle free and as cheap as possible. You expect the transfer from 32-bit processing to 64-bit processing to mean software upgrades to even get it to work - not with the Athlon 64.
AMD have taken this problem which could hold back everyone from upgrading, causing a dent in development into consideration. Everyone from 32-bit environments like Windows 2000/XP all the way to even 16-bit applications running via DOS will work on the Athlon 64 in one single platform! This is all down to the Instruction sets being the same accross the board.

AMD are aiming the 64-bit processors at the gaming and prosumer market (advanced hobbyists who demand professional features and functionality in hardware and software).




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