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       Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus

Product :

Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus

Manufacturer :

Promise Technology, Inc.

Reviewed by :

Martin Finbow

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Date :

September 3rd 2003


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Everyone wants their pc to be the fastest it can be. What do they do? Buy faster processors, different motherboards, polygon pumping cards and better memory. What's missing? The better Hard Disk! Even though this may seem the most unlikely source for a slow pc, this can be the heart of your speed problems.
Upgrading the Hard Disk to the fastest available can be an expensive task, but leaving SCSI aside, what else is available? Enter Serial ATA.



For a long time hard drives seem to have hit a brick wall for development. ATA133 came along to try and improve one of the well known bottle necks for speed, but didnt take off as well as hoped.
Now comes SATA, the new Hard Drive technology offering currently up to 150MB/s and smaller connectors - but is it worth it?
Obviously if you want the fastest speed available, you are going to have to pay for it. The big daddy of the Hard Disk league are SCSI, but the prices simply aren't practical for a home user - this is where Serial ATA jumps in to fill the gap.
Beating the ever so popular ATA 66/100/133 drives comes the recently released SATA boasting a massive 150MB/sec of maximum data burst, and with the latest releases of improved SATA Hard Drives, the performance of SCSI can come at a fraction of the price!

What comes in the box? (Click for larger images)

Let's see what you get for your purchase.

The box is pretty basic with the front simply telling you this is a cost effective way to have SATA RAID. The side gives a run down on the technical details while the back tells you what the FastTrak offers and why it would compliment your system

Here is the FastTrak S150 TX2plus itself (both front and rear).
On the far left, the black connector is listed as "For future connection" so that's a bit of an unknown for the time being! Going further left to right you have a SATA Connector, ATA Connector and finally another SATA Connector.
You can only plug 1 SATA device per channel, but you can connect up to 2 devices on the ATA channel.

Below are all the contents you get in the box. You get the card, the drivers on floppy (For XP/2000 installs), Promise Application CD with on-CD manuals, all the cables (SATA Power, 2xSATA Cables, 1xIDE Cable) and finally a product booklet.

There's everything you need to get started quickly and easily and without a doubt their very detailed quick start guide should be plenty detailed to get even the greenest of newb up and running in no time flat. Let's see how it performs though!






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