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           Chaintech 'Apogee' FX5700Ultra

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  Shawn Sparks

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  26th May 2004


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I would like to start out with a special thank you to Chaintech USA, especially Ruby, for providing this sample for review!

I have to be honest here, the last time I reviewed a Chaintech product, I received an email asking if I had been paid by Chaintech to write such a positive review. The truth is that their attention to detail, the huge bundle, and high marks in both quality and performance all at a low price point really made it hard to say anything bad about the motherboard I covered. However, this time around I am reviewing one of their mid-range graphics cards and I may or may not be as enthusiastic, but for the record, I am an independent reviewer writing for an independent site, neither 3DV or myself take any form of financial compensation for the reviews that we produce. With that said, it’s time to get into this review…

Built on the nVidia 5700Ultra GPU and paired with DDR2 RAM, the AA5700U from Chaintech might have the right combination to win me over once again, depending on the new bundle, and if the monster cooler can keep temps down enough to get some free MHz out of the deal. We all know how the GeForce FX line has been received in the latest wave of GPUs, so we have somewhat low expectations in DX9 and PS2.0 performance, but a quality build can lead to decent frame rates in DX9, and the latest round of drivers from nVidia promise to boost PS2.0 performance. With VGA card in hand, the latest drivers downloaded and a serious urge to see what Chaintech has to offer this time around, I dive headlong into this review… let’s go!

The first thing that you may notice about the box is that it’s pretty big for a graphics card; I can only hope that it is full of freebies and extras and not Styrofoam peanuts.

Well, my hopes were validated, Chaintech has once again thrown in more stuff than most with their graphics card. Included with your card are several CD’s worth of data, which include the full version of Commandos 3, some video editing software as well as a game demos disk with 5 demos. Of course, there is a driver CD with drivers and utilities, but they also include a CD with their Graphical Overclocking Software Utility (GOSU) which is an on-the-fly overclocking utility that rests in your system tray, we will definitely get into that later. Also included with your card are several adapters to connect your card to any type of supported display from DVI to VGA and S-Video. You may notice the green tennis ball in the picture as well. That is actually a Q-Ball, and is used for cleaning your monitor. It has a velour main body, with one face made of chemise (faux suede) and it really does a great job cleaning your monitor, TV and PDA screen…

Lets have a look at what you are really reading this for... the card itself... on to the next page!




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