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           Chaintech 'Apogee' FX5700Ultra

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  Shawn Sparks

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  26th May 2004


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Let’s unwrap the card and have a poke around, shall we?

With the card out of the wrapper, you notice the HUGE gold cooler on the front. This cooler claims to give your overclocking headroom a wide margin. It may look impressive, but we here at 3DV need results, so we’ll be the judge of performance a little later in the review.

There is also a heat spreader on the RAM chips on the rear of the card

Dissecting the card, we find the 5700U core, now looking more like a modern CPU than ever. There isn't much info on the stepping codes of FX5700U chips, but it seems that there are "A", "B", and "C" cores, and that they all run at slightly different temps. This is a "B5" core, which is right in the middle... For those that are interested, the exact stepping here is D5QUT00B30 0356A1

A shot of the RAM reveals that they are Samsung DDRII chips, rated at 500MHz (1GHz DDR)... but as we all know, Samsung has a reputation for a little headroom, and with the card clocking at 906 out of the box, we should see some free performance towards the end of this review

The standard I/O panel is here, this time; however, it is plated with a golden metal to match Chaintech’s heatsinks. A PC that is built on Chaintech components would have enough bling bling to satisfy Mr. T. It’s a bit gaudy for my tastes, but some of you out there will love the golden color (It may even match your front teeth if you’re "bout it ‘bout it")

Of course there is the now common 4 pin MOLEX connector to give that added boost of power that modern day graphics cards seem to need

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