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           Amacom DiViD 8x External DVD±RW

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  Wayne Brooker

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  17th June 2004.


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I was wandering around my local and predictably overpriced PC superstore over the weekend and was taken aback at how low the price of DVD burners had become. Even in this bastion of retail robbery it seemed I could pick up an eight speed dual format internal drive for significantly less than £100!

That's what happens see. You save up, you buy, then as soon as you turn your back the prices drop like a stone in a vacuum. It's frustrating but it's the way it's always been.

While there are lots of exciting transitions still in the pipeline for the humble DVD including dual layer recording, blue lasers and paper disks to name but a few, we're still seeing new products appearing that build on advances in unrelated technologies, technologies like USB2.0 and the not quite so new IEEE1394 Firewire standard. Admittedly these don't directly impact the technology needed to burn a track on a blank, but they do open up the option to make the devices portable and let them connect externally without throttling the data throughput.

The unit I'm looking at today is an 8-speed external dual standard, dual interface DVD burner from Amacom Technologies, a good, solid and increasingly rare UK manufacturer specialising in portable storage.

If, like I was, you're wondering why anyone would want a portable DVD burner when nearly every PC around now features at least one DVD-ROM drive, then think laptops and think what happens not when you need to take your data to another machine but when you need to bring another machine's data to you. Flash drives are certainly cheap, but until they come in 4GB versions they're not much use for large scale data shipping.






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