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Aspire X-Dreamer II

PC Case
20thMay 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

The green themed box didn't really float my boat, though I think it's fair to say the pictures haven't done it any favours either. More importantly, the on-box graphics spell out all the headline features and give a tempting feel for what you're buying.

The Box


Outside of the box, the first impressions are good ones. I'm not a fan of these LCD gizmos on the front of cases simply because so many cheap and nasty cases now use them to lure buyers in before they notice the crap build quality, and with so few high-end case manufacturers adding such features my brain is programmed to see front mounted frills and think cheap.

Front View
Rear View


A good sized acrylic window in the side panel allows a great view of your case innards, and here you see one of the first changes from the original X-Dreamer, the inclusion of custom "Alien" fan grills which may or may not do anything for you. Behind the fan grill is an illuminated 80mm fan.

Side View


I really like the look, partly no doubt because I'm growing a little bored with case doors just lately. I actually think the design has enough going for it to help me get over my dislike for that front mounted medallion thingy.

Aspire claim the case has an automotive quality enamel finish and though I was impressed with the very nice metallic paint job, I wouldn't quite class it as automotive quality.

Oblique View

The acrylic panel on the front of the case gives the illusion of a mirror-polished finish

At the bottom of the front fascia are a pair of USB ports and a miv and headphone jack. As we've seen a couple of times now, the Firewire cutout remains unfilled which is a shame.

Front Connectors



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