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ASUS WL1167G USB2.0 WLAN Adapter

Wireless Network Adapter
11th July 2005
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$33 / £27.56 / €29,95

External Features:::…

The WLAN adapter comes in a neat little box with small, strategically placed cutouts to show the adapter itself and the supplied universal joint.


The contents are simple, yet complete: A universal joint, to aim, point or swivel the adapter, a USB extension cable, a neck cord, or lanyard as it's known in trendy circles, and the adapter itself.

Other contents are the driver CD and the manual.

Here’s a closer view of the adapter itself.

There’s really not much to it.

The lights you see on the front of the adapter are the ones that show it’s powered on and if there’s traffic passing through it.

The adapter is based on RaLink’s RT2500 USB chipset. When you browse the Ralink website, found here, you can find more extensive information on the adapter.

Here is a picture of the RT2500 USB WLAN system architecture.

They also show a reference sample on which most adapters are based.

ASUS is not the only one using the RaLink chipset for their WiFi USB adapters; some of the others include Linksys, Belkin, MSI, D-Link etc etc.

For a big list to see which brands have adapted this chipset, look here.

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