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Sansun SN-C001 BAT Case

Themed Case
21st October 2005
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Those who visit 3DVelocity on anything like a regular basis will I'm sure be aware of my general dislike for cases that take the design ethos beyond the unusual and into the realms of total cheesiness. There are so many angular cases that look like unemployed dropouts from the "transformers" television series, and where all those strange, faceted surfaces, imitation pop rivets and faux chrome serve no observable purpose that they've almost become a signature for tacky cases generally.

When Sansun emailed me asking me to take a poke around their BAT case, my first reaction was to email back with a courteous"thanks but no thanks". Then I remembered my reviewers' oath to never judge a book by its cover, and after convincing myself that this case was different because it's a themed case rather than just an oddball design, I decided to bit the bullet and take a look. So I'm a hardware whore, what can I do? It's in my genes.


  • Fancy Mask outside with Bat’s wing shape side panels.
  • Unique mirror finished treatment
  • Bat wing shape side panels+ Bat grill+ 8cm fan
  • Optional 80mm Air conductor guide the CPU heat out of case
  • Removable HDD Cage and FDD cage
  • Screw-Less Clip For 5.25" Disk and I/O (optional)
  • Special I/O port on top design with dust-proof cover


Model SN-C001
Type ATX Middle Tower
Mainboard Intel P4/ AMD K7, K8/ MP Dual CPU 12” x 13”
Expansion slot 7 full slot covers
Drive Bay 4 x 5.25”
2 x 3.5”
4 x 3.5”HDD
Material SECC, 0.7mm thickness
Power Supply PSII
Optional Cooling system Front: 8cm x 1
Rear: 8cm x 2 or 12cm x 1
I/O USB x 2, Audiox 2, IEEE 1394 x 1
Tool free kits Optional
Case Dimension 440D x 200W x 430mmH




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