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Belkin USB 2.0 Upgrade Kit
Author : Shawn Sparks Date : 12th November 2002

...Product USB 2.0 Upgrade Kit
...Manufacturer Belkin
...Supplier Belkin
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As technology marches forward and we gain CPU speed and memory bandwidth at exponential rates, data transfer needs to keep up to avoid being the bottleneck. Hard drives have evolved from ATA33 to ATA133, and we are on the cusp of serial ATA. Front side bus speeds have evolved as well. From 33MHz on up to Intel's latest monster soon to be released, the 'Sprintel' chipset which runs at 667MHz FSB. Serial ports are nearly extinct, parallel ports are rarely used, save for printers; even the trusty PS2 ports on my machine are clogged with dust from lack of use.

Thanks to the introduction of USB, transfer rates between devices have been fantastic and the ability to attach multiple devices to a single port has lent itself to nearly limitless configurations. Up to now, USB 1.1 has become the standard interface due largely to its cross-platform compatibility and speedy transfer rates(up to 12,000Kb/sec). But like I said, technology marches forward increased speed is required and new interfaces evolve. Firewire was a revolution in transfer rates with speeds as high as 400,000Kb/sec, however, it has not been as widely accepted as USB. To meet the demands of new technology, developers created USB 2.0, which can transfer data at speeds up to 480,000Kb/sec. This new standard meets every requirement for an interface; it is backwards compatible with USB 1.1 devices, cross-platform compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and faster than Firewire. Most motherboards produced today have USB 2.0 ports on-board, and many devices such as PC cams, digital camcorders, and external drives require these USB 2.0 ports.

Now the problem exists as to how to integrate USB 2.0 into a system that does not support it natively. Well, Belkin has done it again by creating a simple solution: the USB 2.0 Upgrade Kit. Everything you need to bring USB 2.0 compatibility to your PC is here in one box.

Time to open the box and see what we get...


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