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16th September 2004
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In the past, people used to have floppy disks to transport data to and from a computer. This was ideal as it fitted their criteria for a way to exchange data between computers on storage device that was easy to use, light and available on each computer.

Floppy disks were one of the most popular forms of storage media, but there were limitations and the floppy disk wasn’t all that reliable, and when the data being transported was critical, reliability was a major factor.

When the USB connector was born it quickly became widely used and spread among computers and new storage devices were created, one of which is the USB key.

As technology grew and moved on, so did the USB keys, and as memory prices fell, so the storage size grew bigger and bigger.

USB keys also started to include new features, some would have a built-in radio or mp3 players and some even have a voice recorder built-in. The keys would have different properties such as: size, transfer speeds, shapes and features.

The BioSlimDisk differentiates itself from the competition in that it has a built-in security feature. It uses fingerprint recognition techniques to secure the data stored on the key. This method of securing the device is called Biometric security and is based on Biometric technology.

Biometric technology analyses and measures certain biological characteristics of an individual to create a unique identifier which can be electronically stored and retrieved for positive identification.

At present, on a worldwide basis there are three types of Biotechnology. They are photo electronic, semi-conductor, and light emitting.

Light emitting technology cannot be fooled and as such is theoretically much more secure.

Norman was so kind to provide me with a BioSlimDisk to review, so I'll be taking a a look at this key and trying out some of its security features.

Here are the standard specs taken from the BioSlimDisk site:


BioSlimDisk 128 MB


USB 1.1/2.0

Data Transfer Speed

Read operation: up to 15 MB/s

Write operation: up to 4.1 MB/s


Length: 75mm

Width: 24 mm

Height: 13 mm








32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB


Windows 98*/ME, Windows 2000/2003/XP, Mac OS 8.6 and Linux 2.4.x

*Windows 98 needs a driver that you can find on the BioSlimDisk website.


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