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Chenbro Gaming Bomb II Review

PC Case
20thJune 2005
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£126.54 inc. VAT (Windowed Panel - £24.97)



If you've been scouting out a new case recently you've no doubt noticed the sheer number of different types, styles and manufacturers available. From over-the-top tacky plastic jobs to super-pricey all-aluminium prestige cases it's all out there. So why, when it came time to replace my personal system case, was I struggling to find something suitable?

My brief wasn't too fussy, I wanted to ditch the front drive door as it was getting a bit tiresome, I wanted 120mm fans, I wanted a side window and I wanted excellent build quality. Aside from that I was open to all comers.

There are lots of extremely good cases on the market at the moment, and therein lies the problem. I don't want extremely good, I want great!

Among the "extremely good" cases I've looked at are the genuinely tidy WaveMaster from Cooler Master which lacked the 120mm fans, the equally slick Shark and Tsunami from Thermaltake which were near-contenders but for the front doors, and one or two others I've had a chance to fondle and dismiss for various reasons.

In the end I took a gamble and decided to order a case I hadn't actually seen in the flesh, but was it a gamble that paid off? Join me as I review the Chenming Gaming Bomb II.

First, the specs:

Thermally Advantaged Design
   Front 120 mm Fan
   Rear 120 mm Fan
   Top 92 mm Fan (Optional)
   Front Metal Mesh Ventilation
Easy Installation and Maintenance
   ICM™- Integrated Cable Managment Technology
   FlexiBay™ Hard Drive Cage Techology
   Screwless 5.25" Bay Design
   Screwless 3.5" Bay Design
   Removable & Toolless M/B Tray
   External PSU Installation
Excellent Styling
   Unique Rounded Shape Aluminum Bezel
   Transparent Side Panel Window (Option)
   Integrated Handle Technology
   Large Square Lighted Power Button
   Screwless Fan Holder
FPIO Support
   2 x USB 2.0, 2 x Audio, 1 x IEEE 1394
Safety Assembly
   Folded Edge and U-Seam Technology
   Membrane of side Panel to Avoid Scratches During Assembly
   Case Accepts Common Locking Technology
Other Special Features Of Note
   Less Weight with Better Heat Dissipation
   Enclosed Lighting Clips Included in Accessory Kit


The original Gaming Bomb was actually a very good case, but it was just that touch too showy for my taste. That said, compared to some of the "Transformer" styled cases around it almost looks boring.

Chenbro have been on the scene since 1983, though I think it's fair to say that it was their Gaming Bomb and Xpider cases that first got them noticed in the enthusiast sector.

Their Taiwanese factory was only opened in '95 while their Chinese factory came later in '97. They must be proud of the Gaming Bomb's front panel design as they've actually patented it. Considering they claim to have produced the world's first PC tower case back in 1986, they've only recently seen their profile escalate, certainly outside of Asia.

Anyway, to the review, let's start be taking a tour of what you get.


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