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           Chieftec BX-03BL-BL-BL Case

Product :

  PC Case

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Wayne Brooker

Price :

  £70.50 inc. VAT (Komplett)

Date :

  5th May 2004.


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During my system building days there was a genuine fondness for Chieftec enclosures. While not as tank-like in their construction as some of the more expensive Antec cases, the Chieftecs always seemed to be designed with innovative features created to make system assembly quicker and easier. It was almost as if the head designer had spent a few years assembling systems themselves and knew what a soul-destroying task in can be and what kind of little aids could ease the build.

These days though it takes more than a few gimmicks thrown inside a boring case to attract a user's hard-earned cash. Cosmetics have never been so important and case makers are having to dig deep to keep their designs fresh without adding vastly to the price. A task made all the more difficult when so many cases today are designed and manufactured in Asia where tastes vary just about as much as they possibly can from those in the west.

We've seen all kinds of cases hit the market over the past couple of years. We've seen Bubble Lamps and LED fans, demonic designs and Aluminium curves, automotive class paint finishes and anodised interiors. Nothing quite so flamboyant today though as we take a look at the relatively unspectacular looking BX03.

Plain Jane or seething sex kitten? Let's chat it up and find out:

The Specs:::...

473x205x522 mm (DxWXH) 
For PSII PSU or PSII Redundant PSU.
Optional with 4 x 90 mm + 2 x 80 mm fans.
Smart screws for 5.25" CD-ROM installation.
Drive Bay: 4 x 5.25" + 2 x 3.5" FDD. 6 x 3.5" HDD.
Material: 1.00 mm SECC steel.
EMI shielding for different card.
Hard Disk installed by patent rails.
Screwless PCI card clipper for fixing.
Special spring design for anti-vibration.


By the way, I'm still not sure what the relationship between all these case companies is so if you can fill me in please drop me an email. As you can see for yourself from these links, the company details for Chieftec and Chenming are the same so this is presumably about who markets what and where. Antec's product line also includes many cases also sold and seemingly made by Chieftec/Chenming, then there's Uneec which seem to be a Chenming brand.

Anyway, enough already! Let's see some pictures!




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