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           Chieftec BX-03BL-BL-BL Case

Product :

  PC Case

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Wayne Brooker

Price :

  £70.50 inc. VAT (Komplett)

Date :

  15th May 2004.


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A Closer Look:::...

In terms of styling we had a distinct advantage in that the model we got to review came complete with windowed side panel. Tastes vary as I'm sure you know but for me personally, and by all means disagree, I think that without the side window the case design would be too much colour and not enough form.



Breaking up the colour is made a little easier because the front of the case uses removable panel inserts as you can see from these three images I quietly stole from Chieftec's site:

Is it just me or are those panels crying out to have a little LED or EL lighting applied behind them?

As you can see from the side panel, there's room for a pair of 90mm cooling fans. The grills are nicely done and offer minimal obstruction to airflow. There is an even more efficient way of doing it which is to cut holes and I' not sure why more case manufacturers don't do this, except perhaps for the extra cost of needing finger grills.

Case Side Panel


From the opposite side we can see that the window is a pretty generous size. Like most manufacturers Chieftec obviously think the back of your hard drives is a sight worth seeing as the perspex extends over half way across the bays.

I like the plastic grill that's been used to disguise the hole in the window and help soften the outline of any fan you may decide to install there. Use an LED lit fan and the fins create a nice effect too.

Case Side Panel-Window Side


The rear of the case follows Chieftec's usual pedigree. The stamped fan grills are of the better variety with decent sized holes. There's also an aperture suitable for either a standard or redundant power supply.

The windowed panel affixes using thumb screws for extra security though in most home environments you can use these to replace the ordinary screws on the other panel and just use the built-in panel fastening mechanism instead.

Front and Back

That front panel is just crying out for some kind of styling addition but I'm not sure what.

Okay, maybe not that, but you get the idea.





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