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ColorCases 'X-Bee' ATX PC Case
Author : Shawn Sparks Date : 7th October 2002

...Product 'X-Bee' ATX Case
...Manufacturer ColorCases
...Supplier ColorCases
...Price $35.00




3DVelocity would like to thank ColorCases, especially Matt for providing this sample for review.

As PC enthusiasts and modders show their prowess online, many entry-level tinkerers want to have the same visual and performance gains acquired through modifying their PC cases. However, Adding windows, extra fans and alternative buttons can be an intimidating prospect to the newcomer on the scene. However, manufacturers have been quick to satisfy the needs of those who desire all the bells and whistles, but aren't ready to plunge right in with a dremel tool, a sheet of lexan, and a box of fans.

Many of the big companies like Lian-Li and ThermalTake offer some sweet mods of their own cases, yet more and more companies are catching the creative bug and manufacturing their own pre-modified cases. One such company is ColorCases, they have been selling unique and original cases online since 1999, and they have a huge catalog of custom enclosures to prove it.

Some of their cases are customized and re-badged cases from Antec, but more than most are designed and manufactured by ColorCases themselves. Today I will be looking at their "#104; X-Bee" A very cool looking case with some interesting features.

The X-Bee obviously gets its name from the X-shaped window and black and yellow-green color scheme. As far as looks go, this is a very attractive case. I like the power button placement and the chrome accents, they are very classy touches.

Since UPS just dropped it off, lets open the box...

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