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COLORS-it 8008-B3 Case + Remote

PC Case
18thMay 2005
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Seen a boring, beige case recently? Nor me neither, but there's more to a good case than the ability to turn heads, as many of you have no doubt discovered the hard way.

Today I'm kicking off a series of four case reviews taking in products shipped over by the guys over at AOne distribution, a veteran component distribution company who've been doing what they do since 1991.

The first case I'm looking at today has the rather unimaginatively named 8008-B3, a rather distinctive looking chassis that looks more like a hifi component than a case, and maybe that gives us a clue as to its intended market.

Manufactured by COLORS-it, who proclaim themselves the "World faster [sic] growing brand ", the 8008-B3 is made with very much an audio/home entertainment theme, it even ships with a simple remote controller, and would undoubtedly look at home amongst your domestic audio and video components.

Rather than break with tradition, let's meander through the specs.

Case Type :
ATX Midi Tower with LCD Display & Remote Control
LCD Display :
Bass, Volume, Treble & Noise (dB) Levels
Remote Control :
Buttons for:
  • Standby
  • Mute
  • Treble (Up/Down)
  • Bass (Up/Down)
  • Vol (Up/Down)
  • 2.1
  • 5.1
  • PC5.1
  • Drive Bay-5.25" :
    3 External
    Drive Bay-3.5" :
    1 External, 7 Internal
    Motherboards :
    All types of Mainboard up to 244mm
    PSU :
    480W with 12cm Fan
    Dimensions (mm):
    (L x W x H)
    Coming Soon
    Cooling Fans :
    1 x 8cm Upper Fan
    Space for 2 additional fans at rear
    External Ports :
    USB, Audio ports (Headphones and Mic)
    Expansion slots :
    7 Full Size
    Other Features :
  • One screw for easy opening and quick installation
  • Red neon light on front panel
  • Clips on bezel, no screws
  • All edges debarred for safety
  • Zinc plated treatment, S.E.C.C. steel sheeting FCC class CB&CE approved



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