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Socket 478 Head-To-Head

CPU Coolers
3rd May 2005
Manufacured By
Supplied By
Scythe KamabokoZ Euro 20,80 ($26.00) Approx
GlacialTech Turbine 4500 $41.61 Approx


The Turbine 4500:::...

Socket Type 478 / 603 / 604
Intel CPU Clock Speed
P4 Prescott 3.4 GHz
(478-pin socket)
Xeon 3.2 GHz
(603-pin & 604-pin socket)
Cooler Dimension (mm) 100 x 98 x 108
Cooler Weight (gram) 800
12 Volts / Ball Bearing
Dimension (mm)
80 x 80 x 18
Speed (RPM)
1,900 ( 10 %)
Airflow (CFM)
29.20 ( 10 %)
Noise (dBA)
Interface Material High Efficiency Thermal
  The specifications are subject to change without notice.
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  respective owners.
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Copyright By GlacialTech, INC. All rights reserved.


The blue box is a good start. Blue immediately gives an impression of low temperatures, while the clear panels on three sides give an unhindered view of what lies inside.



Once out of its box, the first impression are of a very industrial looking cooler with no time or money wasted on frills and pointless fancy touches. In fact I'm sure I saw one of these in Doom3's Mars City EnPro Plant. Let's hope I don't run into any spent fuel rods!

The Turbine 4500


The fan, or rather fans used are relatively lowly 1900 RPM units delivering just 29.2 CFM of air in exchange for a whisper-quiet 20.0dBA.

End View


They're fitted in a push-pull configuration so one draws air in while the other exhausts it, both keeping air flowing in the same direction. The merits of this in such a cooler aren't clear to me. Fitting two fans in series like this rather than in parallel serves to increase the air pressure but not necessarily the air flow, and as the cooler has a fairly open and unobstructed design I'm not sure why increased air pressure would matter.

Side View


A total of three heat-pipes are employed, one running up one side...

Side View


....and two more up the other side. Unusually, the heat-pipes don't make any significant contact with the body of the cooler between the base and the top surface, meaning that heat shipped through the pipes needs to disperse from a fairly concentrated area under that rectangular plate on top. Air can bathe areas of the pipes as they travel up the sides but no attempt is made to dissipate heat off to the fins here.

Side View


Here you can see where the three heat-pipes terminate at the top of the cooler. Actually, I've has a rethink. This isn't from Doom3, it's the alternator from a 1985 Nissan Sunny!

Top View


The cooler comes fitted with a molded plastic tray over the base, partly to protect it from knocks and scratches, but primarily to stop anything touching the beautifully applied patch of what appears to be a high-performance Silver-cased thermal grease that's very definitely wet to the touch.

Bottom View

No, I wasn't being sarcastic when I clamed the thermal grease was beautifully applied, it really was, I just took the picture above after leaving my brain in neutral and standing the cooler upright without the plastic tray fitted. Doh!


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