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LGA775 Cooling Triple-Header

CPU Coolers
3rd May 2005
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Igloo 5600PWM Euro 20,80 ($26.00) Approx
Thermaltake Beetle $41.61 Approx
Thermaltake Big Typhoon $48.06 Approx



It's been a while since I last looked at a CPU cooler, partly because design and performance had all become a little samey, and partly because it seemed the emphasis was shifting towards more exotic options like water and phase change.

Prior to recent developments like strained silicon, low-k and reductions in die sizes, temperatures seemed to be spiraling out of control, and the continued use of air as a suitable method for cooling seemed less and less likely with each new processor. These technological advancements have prolonged the feasible life of the air-cooled CPU, though for how long is another question.

On test today are a trio of coolers all of which can be used on Intel's LGA775 platform. Most can also be used on a variety of sockets as we'll see when we look at the coolers individually, but all testing was done on a 925XE powered ABIT AA8 Fatal1ty equipped with a 3.4GHz Extreme Edition CPU.

Two of the three test subjects come courtesy of cooling veterans Thermaltake, the company behind the infamous Orb series of coolers back in 2000. The third cooler was manufactured by GlacialTech, a company who set up operations back in 2001 as a total thermal technologies solution provider. GlacialTech's cooler was supplied to us courtesy of UK retailer, Selwyn Electronics.





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