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Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Flash Memory Device
23rd December 2004
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A Closer Look:::...

Well, you just knew Corsair would get the packaging design right, well, almost right. It does unfortunately suffer from the use of a patented heat-sealed edge-crimped anti-opening system that involves the procurement of a 9" diamond tipped cutting wheel to get through. Okay, so I'm exaggerating slightly, but you will need scissors.

Package - Front


Lots of package, tiny contents, well they had to do something to make it look worth the money. Them and almost every other Flash drive supplier around.

Package - Rear


Inside the pack you actually get more than it initially looks like you do. In addition to the Flash drive there's a driver and instruction CD, a good quality USB data extension lead and a very nicely made, if slightly advertising-heavy neck strap, sorry, I mean lanyard.

It comes with a quite large quick-release clasp on the end that I think they call a lobster claw? I'll check on QVC later.

Package Contents


With the package hacked open you soon come face to face with the drive itself. I don't know why I call it a drive, habit I suppose thanks to so many companies referring to them as "solid state hard drives" or, as Corsair do, "Flash drives". It's more accurately a memory stick but I'll stick to drive for now, old habits and all that.

Anyway, tempting though it was to see this as just another Flash drive, as soon as you pick it up you realise this is anything but "just another Flash drive".

Not only is it unusual in its design, bright and cheerful, and easy to grip thanks to the raised lettering, the Piece de resistance is that it's actually rubber armored!

The Drive - Front


Corsair made damned sure you don't forget who made your drive, I'll forgive them though because the white, raised lettering on black does look the biz!

The Drive - Rear


The Drive


The Drive


You can find smaller drives if you look, but considering the rubber covering is thick enough to absorb the shock of being dropped from quite a height (yes, I tried it, like an idiot). you have to be impressed. Certainly compared to some of the earlier Flash drives it's really quite diminutive.

The Drive - Rear


And don't you just know the activity LED is going to be blue eh? It's also stamped with the capacity too if your eyesight's up to it.

The Drive - Rear Lanyard Loop and LED

I'm sure that lanyard loop will break if you tug hard enough but I can't imagine it would be a problem under normal or even rough use. At least not unless the rubber gets brittle over time.


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