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Creative CB2455 Headset

Bluetooth USB Adapter
19th September 2005
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£39.00 / €56,19

External Features:::…

The headset comes packaged in Creative’ well known package, it’s tightly sealed in plastic.




Let’s have a closer look at the headset.


The Headset



The headset itself, a small compact sturdy design, the earplug is tucked in between the hinges.

It acts as a clip-on device to clip onto any part of your clothing.

The Headset

You can see the connector for the power adapter to charge the battery, here’s a closer look.


Power Socket


If you don’t like the white hard plastic covering you can easily exchange it for another color.

It’s the type of hard plastic that shatters into a million pieces if you were to drop the headset.


The Cover



The “skin” easily peals away exposing the inside, on the backside of the headset there’s not much to see; the battery is packed there.


Along with a complete new set of “skins”, red and black, the package also includes a new set of earplug covers and an adapter for inside a car, fitting in the car cigarette lighter.


Bundled Extras

To recharge the battery inside the headset you also get a regular power adapter.




There’s also a quick start guide to get you started.



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