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Creative CB2436 USB Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth USB Adapter
13th July 2005
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External Features:::…

The Bluetooth adapter comes in a plastic wrapped case, the ones you have to cut apart to be able to open them.



In terms of contents, there’s not much: the Bluetooth adapter, the quick start manual and the installation CD itself.


Here’s a closer view of the adapter itself. 

Top View


Bottom View


Side View

The adapter is based on the Broadcom BCM2035 single chip solution.

On their website you can find extensive information on the workings of their chip solution. This is some of what I could find:


This shows a block diagram on the inner workings of the chip and the next picture is the diagram of the chip used in a PC solution.


“The Broadcom BCM2035 is a monolithic single-chip, standalone baseband processor with an integrated 2.4-GHz transceiver for Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 applications. It eliminates the need for external flash memories and active components by integrating critical components into the device, thus minimizing the footprint and system cost of implementing a Bluetooth system.

The BCM2035 is the optimal solution for any voice and/or data applications that requires the Bluetooth SIG standard Host Controller Interface (HCI) via either USB or UART and PCM audio interfaces. The BCM2035 is based on the production and UnPlugFest proven architecture of the BCM2033 Bluetooth baseband core (BBC), peripheral transport unit (PTU), and microprocessor unit (µPU). The µPU stores the lower level protocol stack in read-only memory (ROM) plus patch random access memory (RAM) to provide the maximum flexibility.”


More information on the Broadcom chip solution is found here.

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