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Crucial Radeon X800 Pro

Crucial Radeon X800 Pro
29th July 2004
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Crucial have emerged from an unusually lean spell, product announcement wise, with a barrage of new products including a new, high-speed version of their popular Gizmo USB Flash drive, a new line of enthusiast memory that they've called "Ballistix" and the introduction of five new graphics cards including a RADEON™ 9200 SE 128MB, 9600 SE 128MB, 9600 XT 128MB, 9800 Pro 128MB and X800 Pro 256MB.

After a slightly shaky start, Crucial's Radeon 9800 went on to become a high quality high value product that firmly established the memory giant as a viable player in the graphics market, and their announcement regarding the new lineup on the 7th July suggests they're planning on staying the course, for now at least.

With several exciting new games either due to market or already on shelves, thoughts are turning to upgrading that flagging graphics card, and with this in mind we took a look at the current top card in Crucial's arsenal, the X800 Pro.

It may be top of Crucial's lineup but as I'm sure you know it's not the top of ATi's lineup. The X800 Pro runs with a core frequency of 510MHz and a memory frequency of 450MHz (900MHz DDR) and has four of its sixteen pipelines crippled, effectively making it a twelve pipe part. This certainly impacts performance but as we've already seen, it remains a remarkably competent gaming card with power to spare in all but the most demanding situations. A fill rate of 5.7 Gpixels/sec and a geometry throughput of 475 Mtriangles/sec make sure of that.

Sophisticated Features

  1. 3Dc™: Image enhancement technology brings characters to life and scenery to greater realism with significant improvements to the image detail of character art with increased performance and lower memory usage.
  2. SMARTSHADER™ HD: The most advanced pixel shader engine with 12 parallel pixel pipelines capable of an incredible 6 gigapixels/second fill rate in full precision. The Crucial RADEON X800 Pro delivers the most beautifully rendered high-definition 3D animation for the ultimate in intense, interactive game play.
  3. VIDEOSHADER™ HD: Take advantage of the advanced shader processing engine for user-programmable video effects, video quality enhancement, and encoding and decoding of many video standards.
  4. SMOOTHVISION™ HD: Enhances image quality by removing jagged edges and brings out the finest texture detail without compromising performance.
  5. Hyper Z™HD: Bandwidth-saving technology allows unprecedented levels of rendering performance. By adding a more flexible Z-buffer, the Crucial RADEON X800 Pro can be optimized to render dynamic real-time shadows, producing realistic and immersive virtual environments.

General Specifications
  1. Powered by the RADEON X800 Pro VPU, driven by 12 parallel pixel pipelines, eight extreme parallel pixel pipelines, and six parallel vertex processing engines
  2. Fully supports Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® 2.0
  3. 256-bit quad-channel GDDR3 memory interface
  4. 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM memory
  5. 400MHz RAMDAC

Crucial Quality
Crucial Technology, a division of Micron, provides high-quality memory upgrades, video cards, flash memory, and a host of products to enhance the entire computing experience. Recognized in the computing industry as a leading provider of memory products, Crucial has built an expanded product line to meet the demands of mainstream computer users and hardcore gamers alike.

System Requirements
RADEON™ X800 Series of products requires connection to your PC's internal power supply for operation. Consult your computer manufacturer to ensure your system has an adequate power supply. Otherwise, ATI recommends a 300-watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed.
  • Intel® Pentium® 4; AMD Athlon® or compatible with AGP 8X (0.8V), 4X (1.5V), or Universal AGB 3.0 bus configuration (8X/4X).
  • 128MB of system memory; 256MB or more for best performance
  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
  • DVD playback requires DVD drive
  • 300 watt or greater power supply recommended

Operating Systems Support
  • Windows® XP (Home and Pro)
  • Windows® 2000
  • Windows® Media Center Edition

Display Support
  • VGA connector for analog CRT
  • S-video or composite connector for TV/VCR
  • DVI-I connector for CRT or digital flat panel
  • Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions and refresh rates
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