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Crucial Radeon X800 Pro

Crucial Radeon X800 Pro
29th July 2004
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The Box:::...

Despite their vast marketing experience it seems Crucial either haven't, or don't want to, embark on a high profile advertising campaign for their graphics products. Certainly in terms of reviews it seems there are relatively very few of them around the 'Net, and while I accept that this limited approach has served their memory business well enough you can't help but wonder how much better things could be if they raised their graphics profile a little.

It looks like the marketing and design teams did a bang up job on the box however. No gangly extra-terrestrials or advanced forms of anti-matter transport, just a clean, simple but decidedly high-tech look that says all it needs to about the product.

Box Front


If you have time to browse and your eye was taken by the front of the box, flipping it over takes you on a trip into pure geekery with all the more advanced stuff that you like to recite to your mates when they ask what your new card can do.

Box Rear


The box inside is split into two layers, the top layer featuring some of the leads and drivers...

Box Upper Layer


While the lower layer held the card itself, S-Video cable, DVI/VGA dongle

Box Lower Layer


The bundle is pretty much identical to the one we saw from Sapphire which isn't really surprising considering :)

The Bundle

There are no bundled games which is not necessarily a bad thing if they're duplicates and have pushed up the price but the inclusion of DVD software is pretty essential today I feel and it was good to find a copy of PowerDVD inside.

I'd still like to see a few of the more impressive tech demos on a bundled CD though. Not everyone has broadband and can sit and download 100MB plus files just to see their what their new baby can do whilethay're waiting for games to take advantage of the features.


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