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           G700 Keyboard for Toshiba e740

Product :

  G700 Keyboard

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  17th February 2004


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3D Velocity would like to thank Belkin, especially Melody, for providing this sample for review.

In a sense, this is a Dear John letter to my laptop, and for that I apologize for flaunting my new love in its face, pictures and all. I am also holding back from reviewing my “new” PDA within this text, so I’ll get the praise of my latest toy out of the way so that it’s not lingering in the background as I get on with the real review here. I had been eying PDA’s for a while, and after some serious research, I settled on the Toshiba e740. I chose this model for its full functionality, 400MHz X-Scale processor and low price. It comes with one flaw… Toshiba will not offer the Windows Pocket 2003 OS upgrade on this model so it has gotten some bad press. However, the upside is that it is already full of features that would not be enhanced much by the upgrade. This puppy is a fully functional PC that fits into your pocket. It has Word, Excel, Outlook and Windows Media Player. Not to mention built-in 802.11b and Internet Explorer for web browsing. It also has fantastic handwriting recognition and touch screen keyboard. These input methods are fine for a quick note or adding contacts and appointments, but with the capacity to create Word documents, or compose email I needed something more. I contacted Belkin to see what they had in the way of keyboards and Melody hooked me up with the G700 that is on test today.

The G700 comes in a couple of models which are compatible with the more popular models of PDA’s in existence, this one happens to be designed for the Toshiba e300-e700 series of PDA running both the Pocket 2002 and Pocket 2003 operating systems.

The packaging is standard fare for Belkin, clear plastic that is always hard to photograph and their trademark color scheme. The collapsed keyboard is visible through the packaging, and has a silver and black theme to go with most popular PDA’s as well as match any other Belkin peripherals you may already own.





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