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           G700 Keyboard for Toshiba e740

Product :

  G700 Keyboard

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  17th February 2004


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Inside, you find the keyboard and a driver CD, pretty basic stuff. Of course, I canít really think of anything else that they could have bundled with it aside from a slipcover or something to protect it from scratches and dings since it is meant to be carried around in either a briefcase or pocket.

The keyboard in its folded state is pretty compact measuring just >>>>>>>>> and weighing just seven ounces.

Unfolding the keyboard is reminiscent of James Bond or Inspector Gadget. The lid flips open creating a cradle for the PDA and with a pull on either side, two thirds slide out and the center section of the keyboard pops up and into place. Just give a little push back together and it locks in place as a full QWERTY keyboard complete with hotkeys. Once fully extended the keyboard measures >>>>>> and still weighs just seven ounces. In reality it is just slightly smaller than the keyboard on my wifeís 12Ē VAIO laptop, which is impressive for a device that folds to just >>>>>>>.

There is a place on the backside to plug in your power adapter so that you can spend as long as you like typing away. In fact, just to prove a point I wrote the first draft of this review on my PDA using the G700 sitting at a local café sipping coffee instead of at the decrepit desk in the stinking cubicle that Wayne has set up for me in the basement of his mansion. He keeps promising me better office space, but says that I need to pull my weight a bit more before I can even open the windows down there

So on to the objective testing part of the review.



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