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           EasyPCKits Lapping Kit

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  PC Lapping Kit

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  Wayne Brooker

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  5th May 2004.


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EasyPCKits actually sent me a couple of kits plus a "Coarse Kit" containing just coarse grit papers for particularly challenging jobs. They kindly suggested I give away one of the kits, which I'll be doing in the next week or so.

The Kits


Premium Lapping Kit

This isn't just any old sandpaper either. To their credit, EasyPCKits have used Rhynowet Red Line for the coarser grits (The four red sheets) which shapes up like this:

Rhynowet® Red Line® Key Features:

  • Anti-slip backing prevents hand slipping
  • May be folded and cut to any size
  • Long life on wet or dry applications
  • High cut power Available in Full and Half

I'm not sure who makes the coloured fine grit papers but they come with a poly-composite backing that keeps it thinner than regular papers and less likely to curl when wet. Apparently the abrasive is roller applied making for a more even coverage and the grit is designed to wear rather than fracture which means the longer you sand the finer it cuts.


Before we start, a warning, do your lapping at the sink or outdoors, it can get very messy, particularly if you're doing it properly :)

You need access to plenty of clean water, something to collect, drain or soak up the metal-laden used water that will certainly end up dripping from your abrasive and staining things it's not meant to unless you're careful.

I worked outside with a large jug of water and a few sheets of paper beneath the glass/abrasive.

Before I started I also needed a willing candidate. One of the reasons for the decline in lapping is that manufacturers have generally managed to get their act together and are doing a much better job of getting their bases flat and smooth. Eventually I found this one from a company I won't mention to spare their blushes, even though it's worse now than it was initially.

I can't actually remember how the base of this heat sink got in such a sorry state. It wasn't great when it arrived and no doubt I didn't help when I chiseled off the thermal gum but I can't recall it being quite this bad. Not that I'm complaining, I needed a challenge, and I got one!

The Test Candidate


Okay, the sun's out for a change so it's time to head outside.





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