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EDIMAX AR-6024A ADSL Modem Router

Modem Router
22nd March 2005
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I suppose when it comes down to it, we can thank the ever-falling price of the PC for the sudden interest in home networking. I mean you can't really network a single machine, and until a couple of years ago only the most robust-of-wallet could manage to fund a second PC in the home.

These days it's increasingly common to find at least a main family machine and a minimum of another one somewhere, in the kids' room perhaps.

The problems tend to arise when it comes to sharing resources, not least the Internet connection which today is increasingly likely to be broadband.

There's no doubt about it, the best way to network your home PCs and allow all to share an Internet connection is wirelessly, something that can now be quite easily achieved for around £100. That doesn't however mean that wireless is the answer for everyone.

Convenient though wireless is, there's a growing number of people who would sooner stick with good old fashioned cables when it comes to networking. Some are concerned about keeping their network data secure, others may be in a building that due to its size or construction doesn't allow for an effective wireless propagation, then there's those who are concerned about possible health risks, not that there's any evidence to suggest there's a risk. Cost may also be an issue. Every additional PC on a wireless network must be equipped with a wireless networking card, while almost all modern motherboards come pre-equipped with an onboard ethernet ports.

Speed s rarely an issue as wireless setups offer ample bandwidth for just about anything you might want to do, but the fact remains that a wired gigabit network is over 85 times faster than even an 802.11g connection!

What ever the reasons, for some people there's simply no substitute for cables and lots of them, and for that reason we decided to look at the AR-6024A from networking know-alls EDIMAX.


The name may not be too familiar, certainly not compared to the likes of Belkin or Dlink, but that's not because they appeared overnight. In fact EDIMAX have been on the scene since way back in 1986. The rest of their history is best spelled out in their own words:

In 1998, EDIMAX was ISO 9001 certified, further ensuring our OEM / ODM customers and distributors receive the highest quality products and services. We have the industry's broadest and deepest product portfolios, EDIMAX has been committed to satisfy the evolving needs of IT businesses. Our solutions not only cater to the needs of SOHO and enterprise users, but also enable service providers to fully exploit business opportunities with other communications technologies.

In 2001, EDIMAX was list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange; its revenue was US$53 million in 2002, putting EDIMAX Technology at the forefront of the competition. Adopting the never-ending concept of coming up with various new products, EDIMAX Technology has been awarded the Taiwan "Symbol of Excellence Winner" for the years of 1999 through 2002.

Our mission is simple and clear: networking people together. By leveraging core networking technologies and strategic partnerships, we will create success for our global customers and partners

Anyway, time to look at the router itself, but first the specs.

  • Comply with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU G.dmt (G.992.1) and ITU G.lite (G.992.2) ADSL standards
  • Maximum downstream/upstream transfer rate of 8Mbps/1Mbps for G.dmt and 1Mbps/512kbps for G.lit
  • Support IP routing-RIPv2, static routing, DHCP, NAT, NAPT, ICMP, IGMP and Ethernet operation
  • Provide 4-port 10/100BaseTx, IEEE802.3 compliant
  • Quick Installation Wizard and web-based management

Key Features:

  • Best solution and cost-effectively for SOHO Internet access with ADSL Modem and sharinglocal network to broadband Internet
  • Full Rate ADSL Connection
    The ADSL Router can directly connect with ADSL telephone line to all leading ISPs and with full data rate. The Maximum downstream and upstream transfer rate up to 8Mbps and 1Mbps.

    ADSL Standards Compliant
  • The ADSL Router comply with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU G.dmt (G.992.1) and ITU G.lite (G.992.2) ADSL standards

    Supports Full WAN Function
  • The ADSL Router supports PPPOA, PPPOE, Routing, Bridge, and classical IP Mode.

    lP Sharing
  • The ADSL Router supports multiple users using one IP address sharing Internet access with network address translation.

    Multi-Physical Port
  • The ADSL Router offers 1 WAN (RJ-11 ADSL port) and four auto-sensing 10/100BaseTx and one USB ports for local network. LAN clients can connect directly with broadband internet without hub or switch.

    Q-Start and Web Configuration
  • Providing Q-Start Installation Wizard for quick installation and web-based browser management for Win 98SE/Me/2000/XP



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