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Elsa Gladiac 721TV-Out GeForce3 Ti200
Author : Wayne Date : 30th December 2001

3DVelocity would like to thank Elsa for their help and courtesy in providing this graphics card for review.

...Product Gladiac 721TV-Out GeForce3 Ti200
...Manufacturer Elsa
...Supplier Elsa

£176.25 (From Jungle)




Introduction :

When we reviewed Elsa's 921DVI a little while back, it became clear that they were changing strategy a little with their GeForce Ti line of products. By that I mean that Elsa have probably been keener to offer great products at great prices than to go all out to aid the overclocker. The prices haven't changed, Elsa still offer excellent value for money on their entire range of graphics products, but on both the 921DVI (Ti500) and today's offering, the 721TV-Out (Ti200), they have gone the extra mile to offer a cooling arrangement that should not only lead to long and trouble free operation, but should help the overclocker squeeze out that little extra performance they're always chasing.

NVIDIA's Titanium500 GPU is unashamedly aimed at the hardcore enthusiast, a fact that's evident in both its performance and its price. Of course you don't necessarily have to be a hardcore enthusiast to be a keen gamer, and the search for a fast, capable graphics card that doesn't involve refinancing the house is a quest the astute gamer is quite prepared to embark upon.

For many, that quest will lead them to NVIDIA's Titanium 200, a true powerhouse of a chip that offers all the performance a dyed-in-the-wool gamer could hope for, but at a price that positions it well below that of the niche power products. Sitting nicely between the mainstream MX cards and the flagship Ti500, the Ti200 really is the best of both worlds, and Elsa's 721TV-Out uses this chip to build a card that really shouldn't be overlooked.

Before we take a closer look at the Ti200 GPU, let's examine the general features.

Product Highlights :

. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200
. nFinite FX™ engine—fully programmable effect processor for realistic 3D representation, e.g. volumetric fog, particle effects, reflective bump mapping and animated water surface
. High resolution anti-aliasing (HRAA)—no more pixel edges, even at high resolutions
. Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ for never seen before 3D performance
. 64 MB DDR SDRAM with 400 MHz effective memory clock and 4.0 ns access time
. TV-out for games and DVD movies on TV
. Bonus game Giants™: Citizen Kabuto™ as full version; optimized for the ELSA GLADIAC 721TV-OUT to support the GeForce3 processor effects
. Includes 3DMark 2001 full version (MadOnion)
. 6-year warranty


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