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           EluminX illuminated keyboard

Product :


Manufacturer :

  Auravision llc

Reviewed by :

  Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  3rd June, 2003


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3D Velocity would like to thank EluminX for supplying us with this sample for review

When it comes to modding PC components, there isn't much that hasn't been tried. And the natural course of action has been that manufacturer's catch on to some of the more common mods and launch components that are available "pre-modded." The trend started with little touches like case windows and is really taking off in many directions. We now have custom cases, power supplies, mice etcetera. The trend has caught on with keyboards, and today I get to look at one of the coolest keyboards I have come across. The EluminX from Auravision is one of the most compact, durable and well lit keyboards to date.

The box arrived just days ago, and I couldn't wait to rip into it and see what all the hype was about. From the front, the box shows a shot of the keyboard with a graduated light fading from dim to dimmer; showing the illumination.

All that is inside the box is the keyboard wrapped in bubble wrap and a manual/warranty card.

This might just look like an ordinary keyboard now, but turn off the lights and see what happens....




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