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TraxData EZ DriveTwister Dragon Style 512MB USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive
31st August 2005
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The EZ Drive Twister comes in a neat small package as you can see here.




As you can see, the main package is card with only the drive wrapped in plastic. There's nothing more to it; nice, neat and simple.

Let’s have a closer look at the drive itself.




This is the Dragon style edition, black, exotic and sleek; as opposed to the Aloha edition which comes in red and dressed in Hawaiian style garbs.


The EZ Drive Twister is slim and has a nice design.

It also features a lock; to write protect the drive, it’s one of its security features read more on that later.


Normally you’d have a cap on the end that hides the USB connector and keep it free from pocket link and other unsavoury nasties, but not this drive.

These pictures show you why it’s called the EZ Drive Twister.



As you can see the backend twists and turns to the side to reveal the USB connector.



Installation is very simple, USB Flash drives are simply recognized by all Windows versions since Windows ME and that includes Windows XP x64.

You simply connect the device and Windows recognizes it as USB Flash drive and usually assigns a drive letter to it automatically.

With Windows 98 SE you need a driver to enable the USB drive to work; this driver is included on the Flash drive itself. This rather odd situation might present a problem for those who only have Windows 98 SE and can’t access the drive until it’s installed.

TraxData does have drivers on their website for EZ-drives, but right now they don’t seem to be the same as the ones included. I’m confident this will change once the drive is in the stores.

Look for the drivers at this location.


The EZ Drive Twister is simply an extra, portable drive that you can store your data on, no surprises there. It does however have security feature installed to prevent unauthorized access.

The security feature is enabled by formatting the drive, using the format tool that’s included on the drive.

With this tool you effectively partition the drive into 2 sections, one unsecured section and one secured section.

The format tool only works with this USB drive.



The secured section needs to be at least 3 MB big and is password protected.



On the unsecured partition the tool Lock.exe is placed, allowing you to lock or unlock the secured partition.



When you unlock the drive, only the secured partition becomes available and the other partition is unavailable.

The opposite happens when you lock the drive, of course.

If you unplug the EZ Drive Twister the secured partition will automatically be locked.

You could also use the locking switch on the side of the EZ Drive Twister to write protect the USB drive, preventing write access and allowing you to only read from the drive. This is suitably recessed to stop you accidentally moving it.

The write disabling function could be handy when, for example, you store a presentation on the drive that you only want to show, without allowing modifications.

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