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4 Pin Fireflies Review

4 Pin Fireflies
27th August 2004
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There aren't many parts of the PC that haven't been looked at with a "modder's" eye. From case fans to case screws, there are products available to replace the mundane with the colourful, the boring with the bold, and the latest, seemingly un-mod-able component to have its moment of fame is the humble 4-pin Molex connector.

Most of the recent Molex modding kits involve you taking off the current white plugs and replacing them with either coloured ones, or with UV reactive ones. The latter is great if you have a black-light, the former is great if you have a case light so you can see them, though neither are much good unless you want tackle the fiddly task of trying to remove the old plugs then refitting the new ones. Even if you do feel up to the task there's the risk you'll cross your wires and blow something important or expensive.

But if you don't physically change them what else can you do with them? Well how about lighting them up? In fact how about lighting them up without the use of a single hand tool and doing it in literally seconds?

Today I'm looking at a nifty little idea known as 4-Pin Fireflies from Tsoung Lea Enterprises, though they're also distributed in the UK by Akasa under the name of Power Eyes and should very shortly (within 48hours) be available from the Overclockers UK site. With a pack of these in your possession you can have your case lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree with almost no effort at all. If you can open your case you can fit a firefly!

The packaging is as simple as it needs to be and in addition to showing which of the 6 possible colour combinations you have, it shows which of the 6 combinations are available. I'm sure they did it that way for convenience but there's nothing like showing you the colours you don't own for making you want to try them.

There's a short fly lead in the pack which is of questionable use but does add an extra lighting point if you don't have many available from your power supply. Then there's what looks like a small and very colourful PCB with some tiny LEDs soldered on them.

This pic in fact a bank of five Fireflies and you simply snap them off as and when you need them. The colour of the PCB indicates the colour of the LED it hosts so there's no chance of getting them mixed up.

5 Fireflies

As you can see this particular pack is the 5-in-1 which carries one of each of the five possible colours. The five main colours available are:

  • Red/Blue
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
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