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Thailand Display FlexKeyboard

Portable Keyboard
11th January 2005
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While everything in the computer industry is advancing, taking on new shapes and using new technologies; thereís something that tends to get a little left out.

Sure it comes in cordless varieties and ergonomic shapes, but other then that nothing new emerges.

Iím talking about something we all use daily when it comes to computers, our keyboards.

Have you ever had a malfunctioning keyboard due to spillage of some kind??

For some people it happens at work, a cup of tea with lot of sugar spilled all over the keyboard, sometimes bridging the key contact and leaving the computer making an awful beeping sound as if the key is severely stuck.

Or just sometimes an enthusiastic eater or vigorous smoker gets their contraband stuck in between the keys making it hard to type.

Here is where the flexkeyboard might come in handy. Itís a new type of keyboard that is made from silicone and is very flexible and totally sealed. Being encased in silicone also makes it waterproof.

Now you can spill all you want and the keyboard will still work, only it will look very messy. Thereís also no chance of getting anything stuck underneath the keys.

Thailand display was so kind as to send me one so letís have a close look at it.


There are 2 kinds of keyboards available at Thailand Display, a normal 109 key keyboard and an 85 key keyboard.

I got the normal version here with 109 keys; the other keyboard just misses the numeric pad but saves you the space.

It comes in a colourful box that explains what it is in full detail.

The backside displays the various uses and what else you can do with it.


The backside displays the various uses and what else you can do with it.
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