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GeIL Ultra-X Series PC3200 2-2-2-5

UltraX Series PC3200 DDR SDRAM
20th August 2004
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For something that will potentially spend the rest of its life in a dark drawer, the presentation box is very impressive. Molded in a blue-tinted plastic, the tightly wrapped modules nestle inside held securely in place by a piece of blue foam.

The box may be of little practical value but it gives an impression of quality and attention to detail and in that sense it's a very nice idea. It also offers a lot more protection during shipping than you'll get from even the best rigid blister packs.

High Quality Presentation Box


Slide-Open Lid


The memory itself is decked out in some of the nicest heat spreaders I've witnessed. These are real copper rather than aluminium and the copper is then plated so as to stop it oxidizing and looking tatty. Once fitted you'll probably be reaching for a cloth to wipe off those fingerprints.

The finish is bright and very luxurious looking and the raised "GeIL" logo is unique amongst the modules I've handled and further adds to the impression of quality.

The Memory


A holographic sticker spells out the specifications as well as confirming you have a genuine GeIL module and not some dodgy copy. I'd really like to see the suggested voltage here too, or indeed anywhere as the GeIL site doesn't actually quote a voltage at all. As a result I used the standard 2.6v.

Holographic Sticker

An LCD style thermometer lets you see at a glance how warm your modules are running. Yes, it's a bit of a gimmick but if you're system becomes unstable it at least gives you a quick-check indication if your memory is operating at a sensible temperature or not and whether it might be the culprit.

In fact, most memory chips are good to at least 70-80c which again negates the need for the thermal readout which tops out at 60c anyway but it looks quite cool so what the hell! It might at least help you plan your case ventilation.

LCD Thermometer


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