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           GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

Product :

  GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

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Engineering Board

Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

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Date :

March 4th, 2003.


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Image Quality Continued

........the problem is that unless you really dial up the image quality options what you get is a final rendered screen that just plain sucks I'm afraid to say. Take a look at the image below, taken using the "Aggressive" performance setting and "Best Performance" Mipmap detail setting and you'll get an idea what I mean.

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Now I'm not ruling out a driver glitch here but in testing with the supplied 42.69 "shipping" drivers things were far from great. To begin with, in a lot of cases using the lowest quality but highest performing"aggressive" setting gave a quality of image that was simply awful, and depending on the particular game it wasn't always easy to see any visible improvement when moving the slider up a notch to "Balanced".

In the UT 2003 screenshot below you can see how the difference between the "Aggressive" and "Balanced" setting is very minimal. Also worth remembering is that most reviewers will by default benchmark the FX using one of these two settings.


On the other hand below is an example of the Radeon 9700's lowest available image quality setting compared NVIDIA's "Balanced" setting.

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And perhaps it's even more obvious if you look at the two images below taken from the opening animation in Microsoft's Combat Flight Sim 3.

Combat Flight Sim 3, GeForceFX Screenshot ~ Image is Clickable


Image is Clickable


Luckily you can force an improvement in the FX's image quality but it means dropping the "Aggressive" performance option, applying anistropic filtering and turning up the Mipmap detail level setting to at least its "Blend" setting. For this reason, and because getting an exact match in IQ between the Radeon 9700 Pro and the FX varied from game to game, I pretty much gave up on all hopes of doing a like for like comparison between the two cards. That didn't stop me drawing a conclusion on the matter though but that's for later.

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