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Gigabyte GV-3D-68GT Dual GPU Graphics Card

Graphics Card
7th September 2005
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SLI is this year's buzz phrase, and everyone who's anyone simply has to be running a pair of graphics cards in SLI configuration.

It almost doesn't matter what the GPU is, just so long as there are two of them, but undoubtedly the elite gamer, the poser and the financially comfortable want a pair of what ever happens to heading the benchmark leader board at the time.

When news of Gigabyte's 3D1 series first broke it seemed almost too good to be true. My initial assumption (or was it a hope) was that here we had a dual GPU graphics card capable of running in a single PCI-e x16 slot regardless of the chipset. As you no doubt realise, I was wrong. What we actually have is a dual GPU graphics card capable of running only on SLI capable motherboards and worse yet, only in Gigabyte's own SLI boards, officially at least.

  1. Powered by NVIDIA Dual GeForce 6800 GT GPU
  2. Supports PCI Express and Dual 16 pipelines
  3. Supports Quad-view display output
  4. Microsoft DirectX 9.0C and OpenGL 1.5 support
  5. Integrated with the industry's best 512MB GDDR3 memory and dual 256-bit memory interface
  6. Integrated with two-ball bearing fansink for 50,000 hours guarantee
  7. Supports DVI-I, D-SUB and TV-OUT


    Chipset Dual GeForce 6800 GT Series
    Memory 512MB
    Memory Bus Dual 256 bit
    BUS PCI-e x 16
    Memory Type DDRIII 8Mx32
    D-SUB Y (dual D-SUB)
    TV-OUT Y
    DVI Port Y (dual DVI-I)
    MultiView Y
    H/W Monitor N
    Tools V-Tuner II
    GAME 2
    Software Power DVD 6.0

GPU and memory frequencies are set higher than the stock 6800GT at 370MHz for the core and 500MHz (1000MHz effective) for the memory. There's a total of 512MB onboard with 256MB allocated to each core, though as you may recall, SLI duplicates frame buffer and so you don't actually benefit from anything more than the regular 256MB quota.


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