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    Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Suite

Product :

Ultra Cordless Optical Suite

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

Price :

£99 inc VAT - RRP

Date :

April 25th, 2003.


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In an industry that seems to be changing faster than most of our wallets and purses can compensate for there are few things that have stood the test of time unchanged. Until recently the humble mouse had seen very few improvements over the original X-Y Position Indicator created by Douglas Englebart back in 1964.

In more recent times the mouse has seen two innovations that have massively increased its accuracy, reliability and its functionality, these being the scroll wheel and the advent of optical motion tracking which was developed by Agilent Technologies and introduced back in 1999, finally sounding the death knell for the troublesome ball.

The star of today's review however takes the mouse to a whole new level. Not only will it work on your desk like any other mouse, you can also pick it up and use it in midair! It comes packed alongside a compact but high quality cordless keyboard and the whole package is known as the Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Suite.


At the heart of the mouse lies the MicroGyro 100. This compact and low cost inertial sensing unit is already integrated into a range of pointing and remote control devices, and will almost certainly make an appearance in a lot more. A vibrating beam is driven using electromagnets which also sense slight variations in its position as a result of movement. Internally the whole assembly is cushioned meaning no additional external damping, and thus bulk and weight, are required.

The radio side of things is based around an eight channel, 65,000 digital security address system. The eight channels means you can have multiple GyroMouse users in close proximity without them interfering with each other. 65,000 addresses allow for a suitably interference free address to be located, which in simple terms means reliable and error free data transfer. Remarkably, the RF unit in this mouse has a power on time under 1 mSec, meaning the RF module can actually power down between individual packets of data, thus offering considerable power savings. The mouse is rated at just just 3.3v, 22mA.

About Gyration



Mobile Keyboard Features


  • RF range of up to 30 m* with no line-of-sight limitations
  • Standard 88-key keypad with high-quality tactile feel includes special Windows Start and drop-down menu keys
  • 15 conveniently located Internet and multimedia hot keys
  • 8 channels* and 36,800 unique addresses provide transmission security
  • Small, lightweight design makes it the perfect keyboard for traveling presenters
  • Snap-on keyboard cover is included to protect keys during transport
  • Uses standard Windows keyboard drivers - no special software required
  • Receiver connects to computer via USB port 


See how Gyration's Mobile Keyboard measures up to the competition:


Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse Features:

  • Extra long 7.6 m radio range. Line of sight not required!
  • Use up to eight devices with one receiver with digital security features
  • Optical - no moving parts to wear out
    or get dirty
  • Gyroscopic motion sensor for use off the desktop
  • Long life rechargeable battery with
    convenient desktop charging cradle
  • Windows and Mac compatible scroll wheel
  • Plug 'n play USB, no special drivers or
    software needed
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable desktop and in-air use
  • 2-year limited parts and labor warranty

*Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer from Microsoft Corporation and Wireless MouseMan Optical from Logitech Inc. have been referenced for competitive comparisons. Competitive information was obtained in June 2002 and deemed accurate using standard test procedures.





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