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    Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Suite

Product :

Ultra Cordless Optical Suite

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

Price :

£99 inc VAT - RRP

Date :

April 25th, 2003.


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The Bundle

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it's pretty clear that Gyration are only too aware of this fact. This isn't the kind of box design you pick up from the online archive of free box templates, this is a custom designed job that's a real touch of class. Silver ink on blue, box window and ample info get the message across in some style.


And inside the box is everything you need to get moving, it's very much plug and point. In addition to a fold out quick start guide you also get individual manuals on both the mouse and keyboard, the mouse and keyboard themselves, RF reciever, mouse charging cradle, power adaptor and a set of batteries for the keyboard.


The RF receiver is a fairly sleek, curvy looking affair. On the front are a status light, Num, Caps and Scroll status lights for the keyboard and a conflict light to indicate that an unrecognized device is trying to access an active channel.

On the top of the unit is the "Learn" button which is used alongside the "Teach" buttons on the mouse and keyboard to synchronize them.

If there's anything I'd do to the RF receiver to improve things it would be to design it so it can also be fitted in a spare 3.5" external bay in your case should you choose to free up some desk space. This would probably mean incorporating a flatter face and possibly redesigning the antenna and it would also reduce the usefulness of the keyboard status lights unless you have your case on your desk but I think it would be an interesting option.




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